This week we are back again with more exciting news stories and SEO tips that have made massive changes in the world of the internet. Get yourself updated with Google’s new guidelines for NoFollow Links, how affiliate marketing can help your business, how social media ads can help you grow, and last but not the least why you need to shift to Magento 2.

Let’s discuss all these topics in detail –

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Google Made Changes To NoFollow Links

Google has changed its guidelines towards the NoFollow link attribute. As of March 1, 2020, for crawling and indexing purposes, nofollow link attribute, along with sponsored and UGC, will be treated as hints to rank the website. Google has made an official statement about this change. Read out our article to learn more about this update and how it is going to impact SEO.

Role Of Affiliate Marketing in Business

Yes, affiliate marketing is still a big thing and never going to get outdated anytime soon. It is incredibly profitable and can make your business run smoothly if done with the right plan. Unlike many other business-boosting strategies, affiliate marketing is a little different and complex one. The right approach can bring business deals to the table. Check out the features and truths about affiliate marketing in our blog post , along with myths that are associated with it.

Why You Should Start Shifting To Magento 2

If you are still using Magento 1 platform, then my friend, its high time you started shifting to Magento 2. Due to its performance features, flexibility, customized attributes, speed, security, and responsive design, Magento 2 has become the messiah for eCommerce website designers and developers. It is a PHP-based, open-source platform that has many additional features than Magento 1. Learn more about the differences between these two platforms in our article and make up your mind for migration.

How Social Media Ads Can Boost Your Business

Social Media is an excellent platform to make people aware of products and services. Over the years, social media marketing has reached new heights through its several applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the list is never-ending. In one of our articles , we have talked about how this platform helps small and big businesses in getting more traffic. We have as well discussed the number of social media platforms you can use, each serving a different purpose. All in all, it’s a must-read!

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