E Commerce has gained a lot of weightage in times that require social distancing norms and avoidance of crowds for regular shopping. The e-commerce websites are witnessing a surge in regular traffic and need to be prepared for replacing, at least for the time-being, regular shopping malls. It is a good news only if you know how to benefit from it.

Online commerce is quite a blessing for businesses. But when it comes to the platform that can be used for building an online commercial website, the best platform available today is  Magento . This platform allows the developers to enjoy a high level of flexibility, ease and experimentation to create websites that are loved by users because of their usability and easy navigation. Magento is one of the most scalable, flexible and functional platforms for developing an online business website. But the real question here is- what are the requirements of an e-commerce website to make it entirely complete.

Let’s delve deeper and explore!

A Brand Logo That Stands Out

The logo is one of the essential components of any business or brand, as it is just like a business card that acts as the face of your organization. The logo works as the identity of your company as well all know, most big brands are mostly known by their logo. The logo is all about building trust among your users. A logo defines the identity of a brand as we are all aware that whenever we search online, we always recognize the company by its logo, and for us, it is what defines the company.

Understandable logo

The logo also helps in building trust among the customers as people always believe what they see. Look at any big brand; they all represent themselves through their logo only. Logos help in distinguishing your brand from others, making your customers clear about your business website among a lot of other ones selling the same products as you.

Advance Search

Other critical aspects of a great online business website is an advanced search functionality and mature navigation options. These are essential features that can help in increasing the rate of conversion of your website. We all know when we shop online, we don’t just get the desired product on our screen; instead, we have to search for it. But if we have to search one by one to find our desired outcome out of millions of products, it will be challenging. To avoid such a problem, an advanced way of search and navigation was introduced in Magento.

You can sort the products according to price, relevance, popularity etc. This functionality also helps in finding products according to filters like brand, size, type etc. This helps in making the usability better for the users resulting in higher rates of conversion and better chances of business sales.

Ease of Checking Out

A payment gateway is an essential component of the online business website, as this is the primary way to make payments for the products or services being bought from your online business website. Online payment has taken the world market by storm as it has made it easier to make a considerable amount of payments, not possible in cash always. It also helps in making the customers feel convenient while shopping as they just have to enter their bank details and the payment is made.

payment gateway

Make sure to have different payment gateways and display them in the form of icons for a better understanding of the users.

Social Media Buttons and Integration

Social Media is used by more than three-quarters of the world population, making it the most widespread platform for promotion as well. To make sure that you reach maximum people and get the maximum amount of sales, social media integration is a must on your business website. Having your business profile on all significant platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, etc., helps you to constantly stay in touch with your customers. Integration is also essential so that customers can share the products and services with their friends on social media platforms, which ultimately benefits the business as the audience base expands. It also helps in spreading the word about your brand amongst millions of people easily.


We all know how important it is to interact with the users to understand their needs and requirements for better business strategy building. This integration is also important so that customers can share the products and services with their friends on social media platforms, which ultimately benefits the business as the audience base expands. This also helps in spreading the word about your brand amongst millions of people easily.

Promotional Offers

Everyone likes to save money and buy products at a cheaper price. Online commerce works best this way as people are always comparing the costs of products offered by your company with the prices offered by your competitors. Moreover, discounts and deals are a proven way of attracting customers as people love to spend less and get more. If your business website shows offers and sales, you are most likely to win more of the customers, leading to a higher conversion rate.

special offer

These offers also help in building trust among your customers and convert your users into leads. It has been proven by surveys that the websites that keep providing promotional offers and deals perform much better than those who don’t. Providing free shipping also comes under this category as no one likes to pay a penny more than the price of the product, so keep this in mind while declaring product prices and smart deals.

Pictures and Content-on-display

It is a well-known fact that we can only see products while buying online; we cannot touch or feel the products physically. So we always rely on the images and written details about the products. But the quality of the way products are being displayed also matters a lot. Presenting a product in a single image that is of low quality is undoubtedly going to turn away your customers. On the other hand, if you display a product in multiple high-quality pictures and a 360-degree view of the product, the chances of customer engagement and product sales become a lot higher.
product display


Displaying the demo videos of products also helps a lot in compelling customers to take profitable actions for your business (CTA). These videos provide the customers with a far better idea about the product than a static image.

Related Products

Often we search for a product and find it to be out of stock, or the product is not available in our desired size. At this point, the customers feel disappointed, and they abandon your website. But if you display related products along with the product customer is checking out currently, it increases the chances of sales, even if the other product is not available.

related produts

If related products are displayed along with, it always results in better engagement of customers, which ultimately leads to an increased rate of conversion and higher business sales.

Reviews and Feedback

Human beings tend to believe in something more, which has been experienced by someone already, rather than experimenting with it themselves. The same is the case with online commerce websites. Most people buy products which have been reviewed by other people who bought the same products earlier. Rating and reviews help the new customer in purchasing the best product from the best brand available.

Having rating & reviews not only help in better sales but also in building trust among your customers by keeping everything transparent. It makes the decision-making process even easier for customers.

That was all!

All these aspects have proven to be useful and effective in their respective ways. Integrating all these in your online business website inevitably can result in higher business sales, better conversion rates and increase return on investment (ROI). Make sure your website has all these, and the success will surely be yours.

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