Have we been using Google this way only – Type, Search & Click on Search Results. If so, then here are some of the interesting things that we can use at Google but we never knew. 

Operator #1: DEFINE

Define operator passea message to google that it wants to know the lingual & contextual meaning of the typed word or phrase. 

define- operator

This operator usually fetches results from ‘dictionary’ updated by Oxford University. 

Operator #2: SITE 

When we want to acquire the results for the search term from a particular website, we use SITE Operator. There is a specific way to use it. Here is the syntax: 

site:  URL of Website “search term”

First of all write ‘site’ (omit single quotes but suffix colon), followed by mentioning the URL of the website from which we want to fetch the results.. At last, type the term for which you want results.

This operator will show you all the results containing the term ‘margherita pizza’. 

Operator #3: “Search Term” 

When we want to find results for a particular term (from the whole web), then put the term to be searched in double quotes. All the results containing that term will appear after the click. 

quotes operator

Search Operator #4: OR

When we want to know the difference between two terms, we search them by putting ‘OR’ in between them. 

OR operator

With this operator, we can easily know the difference between the two terms. Not only that, the individual results for both the terms will also be shown. 

Operator #5: RELATED

This operator shows you different websites which are providing information regarding the searched word. 

related operator

Operator #6: INTITLE

When we want to find the pages whose titles contains the specific word, we use intitle. 

intitle operator

Operator #7: INFO

When we want to gain comprehensive information about a particular brand, then we use the ‘Info’ operator. It shows all the sites that have valuable information to offer for the search term. 

info operator

When I searched the term ‘Louis Vuitton’, all the sites that have unique 7 valuable information to offer appeared at the first page. 

Operator #8: WEATHER 

To know the status of weather of a particular location, this operator can prove immensely helpful. 

weather operator


Operator #9: MOVIE

To know everything about a particular movie, this operator is quite helpful.

movie operator

Operator #10: IN

To convert one currency into another this operator can help.

In operator

Some More Useful Tips:

How To Find Duplicate Content Within Your Site? 

By using the “site” operator. The syntax for this is: 

site: website url “content to be searched for duplicacy”

Duplicate Content Finding Operator

It means that this content is used 434 times in a particular website. 

How To Find The Guest Post Opportunities? 

For this, you have to use two operators in one syntax. 

Syntax: Niche intitle: “search term” inurl: “search term”

Guest Post Opportunities Finding Operator

These are the sites that demand you to submit a free guest post. But apart from using “write for us”, you can gain results through other search terms like: 

  • Contribute to 
  • Write for me
  • Become a contributor 
  • Guest post guidelines


  • Inurl: guest-contributor-guidelines
  • Inurl: guest-post

Final Comments!

Make your google search journey even more interesting by making use of these operators. Each of them plays a special role at its own place. To know more such operators, stay tuned with 皇冠体育官方手机下载 ’s blogs and articles. 

If you are willing to crack an interview for the post of SEO executive or the digital marketing specialist, you must have a good understanding of all these operators. The interviewer will definitely ask you a question about any of these operators.

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