With the latest Hummingbird update , Google aims to perform its task of offering results to a search query in a better way. With the conversational search becoming the standard, Hummingbird update provides understanding to the purpose and appropriate meaning of different terms forming a search query. With such a major update, there have been lots of discussions going on in SEO arena regarding how Hummingbird’s is going to impact search engine optimization techniques. However, only few are bothered to figure out how it is going to affect the Pay Per Click, (PPC) advertisement campaigns. Well, this is also important and 皇冠体育官方手机下载, a leading Web Development Toronto based company looks deep into details to figure out how this latest algorithmic update by Google in recent time is going to impact PPC.

Why Would An Update To Organic Algorithm Affect PPC?

Well, it is a very obvious question which can come to your mind that Hummingbird update is concerned with organic search result algorithm and why would it affect pay per click mode of advertising. Here is the simple explanation:

Both organic or also, known as natural search results as well as paid results like PPC advertisement results intends to pull of similar task of offering  highly accurate and relevant search results to the end user. No matter what search engine algorithm commands the end results, the approach behind the search has been integrated. As long as, this fact does not change, the updates to paid as well as organic algorithms are going to affect one another.

Impact Of Hummingbird Update On PPC?

  • It is true that different algorithms are employed to drive paid and organic search results; however they share the same sandbox and appear beside each other. There have been, many studies being done to unearth the connection between organic and paid results. Even though it has not been decided which way this updates is going to move, an alteration in the organic results will definitely impact the manner that users interact with listings.
  • The key feature of this latest Google Hummingbird update is the conversational search that is going to drive the knowledge graph results in clear manner before the user, sometimes adjusting the paid advertisement to the up, down, sideways or taking out from page completely.
  • Many experts strongly feel that the most significant affect of Hummingbird update is that it is going to compel websites to lay their maximum focus on having high quality and knowledgeable content even greater than before. This is because Google strongly believes that improved content means improved user experience which further means greater user engagement and thus better results. This will not only strengthen the outcome of pay per click advertisements, but the improved quality pages will also have a positive impact on the quality scores.

What We Need To Do To Face This Update?

The most significant thing you must do is keep yourself updated about all the recent developments happening in search engine optimization world. You need to understand the fact that search algorithm is getting updated fast, be it is a paid search or organic search. It will definitely help you figure out the definite performance updates and you can then, evaluate your strategy and carry out the required adjustments or updates.

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