Who does not have heard about the famous furniture eCommerce Brands: Home Depot, Wayfair, Amazon & IKEA? Everybody relies on them for Furniture Purchases. But, what led them to become successful? It is their wisdom to run parallel with the trends. 

Trends are nothing but an experiment that came out to be successful and opted by many businesses lately. Some of them work for a short time (1 week, 1 month or 1 year), while others are evergreen. 

Many Furniture eCommerce Business Owners have observed that, “Investing energy, time & money on short term trends is not worth it as they are going to possess ‘0% Importance’ in future.” So it is suggested to always rely on Everlasting trends as they require one time effort but will give you the benefit of Revenue Generation forever. In a vast business like that of Furniture, you can’t afford to make huge changes everyday. 

Here is a list of 7 Long-Lasting, tested and proven eCommerce trends that are particularly working for Furniture Businesses.

1. Financing Options

People have needs but not a required amount of money. They want to buy modern, trending furniture for their home, office but usually give up on first thought because of the heavy payment which needs to be made at one time. But what if the number of times can be increased? Yes, you read it right.

  • Incorporation of  a strong CTA like ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ creates a convincing impact on the customer’s brain for buying. 
  • Moreover, facilitating the customers with multiple payment options (Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, Netbanking etc.) can increase the conversion rate and boost online sales.

2. Personalization

Personalization programmes have been demonstrated to result in 10-15% better conversion rates and 20% higher customer satisfaction rates—and customer happiness is especially crucial since firms that enhance retention by just 5% experience a profit gain of 25 to 95%.

Product Detail Pages
Product detail pages are helpful in showing the visitors the things similar to their interests and what they bought earlier. It could be based on the size, color, fabric or the brand preference.

Show Them The Items Which They Left Before
Many times it happens, that user puts an item in the cart and abandons the cart due to any issue. The next time they visit you, you should show them the items which they left earlier.

Retargeting through Social Media
If it has been a long time since the users have not visited you back, then you should try to get their attention back through retargeting on social media. If you want to make this approach successful, then it is advised to choose your timings wisely.

3. Fast Deliveries & Free Shipping Options


When it comes to furniture shopping, people get happy when offered fast deliveries and free shopping options. 

  • Free shipping is a big bonus point to them as furniture is a heavy item, and its shipping cost is usually high. But when offered at a low or no price, people are more likely to grab this offer and make purchases instantly because of fear of losing the offer. 
  • Another important trend to follow is to make the goods available at a faster pace. For example: The Furniture Site Owners can mention estimated delivery date on product and checkout pages By offering an exact date of delivery, and communicating with the customer on the progress of their shipment at every stage, a business proves its reliability and commitment to consumer satisfaction. This proactive posture by a company shows clients that they care and diminishes the likelihood of an order being canceled.

4. DTC Growth

DTC means Direct-To Customer, which implies eliminating the need to get an intermediary. Earlier, it wasn’t easy to track the sales done by different middlemen and the profits they have helped to gain. To get rid of that, incorporation of DTC Growth is necessary. For that,you should have a good website design and development done for an enhanced output. It would help you to share the good values, principles and emotional connection with our customers.

5. Augmented Reality


Buyers tend to look for ways to help them avoid the potential disappointment from the purchases. We mean to help the buyers know how the product would look on your premises through augmented reality. The customer can scan their room and see how the product will fit. Augmented reality would help save you from many hassling questions: 

    • Will the particular product look a good fit for the room without occupying much space? 
    • Would it complement the walls and the other things placed in my room?

IKEA is up with this trend and making most of its use. Its app gives the customer a proper view of how the placement of the products will look in their rooms. The customers are finding it quite trendy.

6. Convenience To Buy The Products Socially


Everybody loves convenience. And it is widely accepted that people tend to get fascinated and convinced to buy by seeing the products on social media platforms. 

But most of the businesses do not offer order placement on social media platforms. They usually give complete information on how to buy the product from the website but do not offer to shop from their social media handle. And, some users are super lethargic to visit a website and make sales. They just want everything to go with flow. As a result, potential drop in sales can be experienced. 

7. High Ratings & Positive Reviews 

Earlier people used to choose to buy a product just based on its look & functionality. But gradually, buyers are more likely to consider the customer ratings & reviews. Site owners are now getting attentive about the reviews on the site. For that, they must enhance the site’s user experience, fulfill their commitments and offer no-complaint services. 

Wind Up!

Setting up eCommerce stores has become quintessentially essential to raising revenues. Is ‘Setting Up’ all we need? No! We need to follow the trends as well, as mentioned above. But we need to be wise enough to know which trends would benefit us and which would not. Not every trend is supposed to work for you. 

We experimented with these trends on our Furniture eCommerce clients like Lastman’s Bad Boy, Ella+Ross, etc. and to our surprise, all these experiments proved fruitful, and our sales rose and are even still rising. 

Allow us to choose the best for your furniture & decor stores. Our eCommerce Web Designing , Web Development & Digital Marketing Services are sure to prove fruitful for your eCommerce store. Book your free consultation with our certified experts.

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