Open source PHP based CMS are boon for the owners of the website and it further galvanizes them to handle their sites without any assistance from the developers. There are diverse options for the online storefronts like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal but when the situation arrives for full-fledged shopping cart solution for wide and large-scale needs, there is no comparison of Magento. Magento is matchless and unbeatable.

Embedded with the latest features and cutting-edge technology, it has all the functionalities. Basically, it is an online shop powerhouse. Magento is known to stand out in the crowd in spite of e-commerce platform market flooded with innumerable solutions with distinctive capacities and for various purposes.

Following are some of the reasons why Magento 2 enjoys the prominence:-

• Security reason
• Strength and Stability
• Mesmerizing design
• Better UX
• Resilient

Being supreme and leader in the market, Magento is regularly trying to meliorate its product and making it seamless with a futuristic vision with new releases to stand out. This is the reason why developers and e-commerce store owners prefer Magento and its new releases. Let’s have a glance at the different reasons for considering choosing Magento 2 in 2018.

From an End-Users Perspective



With the innovation in technology and better advance techniques, there come exceptional options like tracking shopper’s behavior, their choices and their browsing history. Depending on the specific data, we can provide them with highly personalized experiences during online shopping. Magento2 is equipped with the latest technology and it allows the owners to offer personalized products, services, and marketing incentives of all types.

Personalization is a feature which allows the shopping carts to sell more products and hence, close more deals. Adding a feather to the cap is that it will further stimulate the shoppers to buy more, and escalate repeat business which will further increase ROI. It assists in the conversion and experience enrichment for the loyal customer base.

Exceptional Admin Interface

The new admin interface is really beneficial in terms of time management and reduction on an online store. To access the crucial and essential business information admin are allowed to customize the admin panel. This further makes admin panel personalized for every user to better manage the products, orders, and customer data. It is effortless to create the products in the admin panel.

It is easier to reshape an online store appearance as we do not need any extensive coding. The admin interface of Magento 2 allows features include drag-and-drop layout editing. We are able to create a beautiful store in half the time as before.


In this contemporary era, a bulk of the online consumers is technophilic and loves to use the search feature broadly. Hence, it is the need of time to have filtered search and faceted search on your online stores. With the benefit of search facility, it is simple to find the products or services regardless of the size of an online front. Magento 2 is really simple to use with no uncomplicated features in-depth navigation options are great for newbies.


High conversion rate means successfully closing the deal in an expeditious and rapid manner and to accomplish that without any problems and the check out process can tackle the same. Magento 2 has modernized and streamlined the checkout process that can diminish shopping cart abandonment rate more adequately then previous versions.

From a Store owner’s perspective


Magento 2 has robust features and the strapping tools at the backend ease the use, automation, and administration of the order, sales, shipping, inventory, and reporting. Backend user experience is strengthening because of Magento 2.


Magento 2 has outstanding and ultimate features to optimize SEO and SMP parameters with flexible approaches. It further allows you drag and drop visual buy and sell for product optimization.


Magento 2 offers exciting features like the convenience to go beyond the bounds and among diversified cultures by encouraging diverse languages and currencies of the different regions of the world.


The present era is the technological era with new innovations every day and now smart phones have become a very common thing. Now, a big portion of online shopping takes place on phones. Magento 2 has mobile friendly features which allow a great flexibility for the users. It offers the convenience to have a responsive design for the smooth user experience across the screens.

From a Developer’s Perspective


A component-based structure of modules that intensify flexibility and performance of e-commerce website is the best feature of Magento 2. Developers have the full independence to enable or disable components as according to the situation. Hence, it helps to keep the codebase clean and gassed-up. The updated features allow more flexibility against older versions.


Magento 2 has a new feature and a concept “View in Module”. The given feature allows full flexibility and clears away all the difficulties. Moreover, it scales down the development time appreciably. This particular concept rescues the developers from defining the configuration. Further elaborating my point, it assists in the development of view that can start work promptly.


We all know very well that e-commerce developers love trouble-free programming, and Magento 2 has JavaScript library as default Query library. This feature refrains query and prototype disputes while developing innovative features and functionality.


Magento 2 operates at a swift speed and it is calculated that it gives 20% more speed/performance as compared to the previous version. Also, Magento2 is really safe as it has altered the structure of the directories in the source. It has eliminated skin folder from the root directory, so it has only 5 folders in root directory against 9 in the previous version.

The development of new directory “Pub” has made it complex to steal or hack codes directly from the root directory.


Magento 2 is PHP-based open source, which offers full resilience and compatibility and its framework includes Zend. One of the major positive points is that it works very well with important databases like MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop if required.


With the drastic change in technology and advent of new devices, shopping has paved the way to a completely new world. Now, online shopping is becoming common as it offers lucrative deals too. Online business is becoming demanding and difficult and mobile internet is omnipresent and the trend of online shopping has increased.

Hence, it is the great need of time those contemporary online shops need to set up themselves with a stock of features to fulfill the mounting expectations of modern generation shoppers. Magento 2 has matchless features than the previous version of resilience, performance, security, advanced shopping experiences are some of the differentiating features and functionality. It has become an unsurpassable choice in the e-commerce category.

The last tip is to hire the best Magento developer team for your website if you are going to choose Magento 2 for your e-commerce development.

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