Web design has come a long way since the 2000s and the current decade itself has witnessed the biggest shifts in design principles. 2020 is all about novelty, creativity and imagination. Web designers are fast looking for ways to marry productivity with aesthetics because of the accessibility of the internet. Reaching audiences is no longer an issue; sustaining them at your website is. The upcoming design trends follow the same values and are developing according to the changes in the modern world

Some hot design trends on our radar are as follows:

1. Easy switch to dark themes

Most websites and applications now prefer a dark mode. A sleek, minimalistic black background with few key elements is more appealing than a lighter one. It also serves another, ulterior purpose. As the majority of the internet users are mobile-based, it makes sense to provide them with a layout that encourages power-saving. Lighter modes have proven to be enablers of battery drainage. That is why most of the apps and websites have an option to switch to dark mode to save battery time.

Dark Themes

2. Modernity and Minimalism

As is prevalent, web design has always followed the trends set in the real world. With the changing times, the desire to cut back and declutter spaces have increased. The value system has also transferred to the world of web design where people prefer clean, razor-sharp looks rather than too much on a page. This minimalism brings clarity, focus and elevates the design in taste and quality.


3. Inclusive Turf

Inclusive designs are essential in Web designing, especially in the near future. Accommodation of persons with disabilities has become a hallmark of supreme quality as it increases accessibility and reaches a far wider audience. This inclusive turf demands designs that flexible, with options for magnification, voice search and more.

Inclusive Turf

4. The Rise of Content

Even though quality content has been around for ages, there was no check on duplication and cheap copying earlier. Google has now declared that enough is enough. Original content has finally started to get its due, and web designs that incorporate unique text rank higher on search result pages. Higher the trustworthiness of the content, better the quality of the website.

The following infographic summarizes some additional points to consider as emerging web designing trends of the coming months and years.

Rise of Content 2020 has glimpsed into a positive future that ushers in web designs that catch your eye and make you stay with their individuality.

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