Hello Readers! The holiday season is coming up, the season that marks the glory of lazy mornings, never-ending party nights, and of course the endless shopping sessions. The holiday season has a special reverence for online shopping portals. Consumers expect hefty deals over online stores and are eager to start a shopping spree. This period is hence, equally important for retailers.

Your PPC account must also be prepared for the holiday season as it is the busiest time of the year. It would help if you analyzed your past holiday seasons to see the trends and volume of leads during this time. Develop a budget that will help you plan strategies for the holiday season campaigns. Activities typically not conducted due to scarcity of time can be designed like creating competitive ads, etc. You can also try converting the abandoned carts into sales and thanking those who shopped with you through personalized messages. Analyze your competitor’s actions and plan your actions accordingly.

As a retailer, your concern should be planning marketing strategies that help in growing sales. The concern is that the marketing strategies you follow should be well planned and should appeal to the customers while meeting their expectations. Here are the top techniques you should consider for gearing your Magento store for the upcoming holiday season.

1. Do not redesign the entire store

The arrival of the holiday season could be sensed when online stores incorporate some changes in their design. Most of the sites make some changes in the overall look so as to relate to the upcoming holiday. One of the most popular features is using scary pumpkins images for Halloweens or cute Santa images for Christmas – over the logo of the website or over some dedicated sections. Using a logo facelift for identifying the holiday season is a fairly good idea for attracting customers.

2. Lift up a specific category

It is not always that a logo facelift will be able to grab eyeballs. In case, you are planning to add some Christmas-related products to your store under the ‘Christmas Special’ category, you can instead try adding an entire category dedicated to the Christmas products. Try lifting the visuals for the entire category as it would surely make the customers feel “the holiday vibes”. The effect could be seen clearly through the improvement in conversions. Doing this is quite easy as Magento comes with a theme inheritance system that allows you to create the category you wish to add.

3. Go for a new look

If you feel that rather than changing a few elements you want to make changes in the entire site, you can do that as well. You can lift the visual impact for the entire store for a specific duration. For instance, you wish your site to depict the primary Christmas colors — red and white, along with a few ‘Santa flying on the reindeer’ images. You can create ambiguity for the entire page in Magento. Magento lets you set up the design change for a specific period as scheduled by you.

4. Lift your newsletter design

When you are doing so much for the website, how to forget the newsletters? After all, newsletters have a major impact on the marketing strategy of the website and help the audiences know that you are all geared up for the holiday season.

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