Back in 2009 and 2010 , there were a lot of rumours about how Twitter would affect Google rankings. One can easily come across signs that depict the correlation between content performing well over Twitter doing equally good in Google rankings. But, there is no denial in the fact that Google has been facing obstacles in managing the new data created on Twitter.

Earlier, Google had to make use of their bots to crawl the hefty data. Still, only a little portion of Twitter’s total data could be fetched by Google in its search results. Keeping all the speculations apart, Google and Twitter finally struck a deal in 2015 to display all the tweets in Google search results.

More about the Deal

Since its inception, Twitter has been limiting apps-access to its platform. They even went on to the extent of banning apps from their platform even when the apps were popular. These actions made the union of Twitter and Google a far stretched dream. But as per the 2015 deal, Twitter followed a varied approach towards business. Engineers from both the companies made efforts to display all the tweets showing up in the Google search results that too as soon as they were published. It clearly stated that whatever activity a user was doing over Twitter would have an impact on search engine visibility. You will be surprised to know that the advertising revenue for the deal was zero. Instead, there were speculations that Twitter would be rewarded through data-licensing revenue.

Connecting Your Business to Social Media

Even though most of the businesses these days are relying upon social media marketing at each stage of business, it is not that easy to harness the marketing power of these platforms in the best way.


With social media platforms getting more complex and established with time, it has become difficult for businesses to find sufficient time and the right resources to dedicate to these social media channels. With developments such as the 2015 deal between the two tech giants, it, however, got easier for the businesses to utilize social media channels for enhancing visibility and marketing.

The key takeaway points of how tweet rankings affect Google search rankings are as follows-

  • Tweet Furiously about your brand to win yourself a Google carousel. It will include all your recent tweets that were popular on twitter. Aim to have the maximum visibility on Twitter, by means of retweets and favourites to appear higher on SERP.
  • Make your Twitter carousel trendy by discussing current topics that affect your industry. The famous Twitter hashtags help you start a discussion thread that allows other users to join in. Mention supporting accounts and undertake collaborations that will lead you to favorable reach-ability.
  • Maintain constant activity on your Twitter account to keep your content fresh and relevant. That way, new followers of your brand will be kept up-to-date with topics that concern your brand. Engage with your followers and interact with accounts that mention you and your business.
  • Content on your Twitter page should not only be confined to 140-character tweets. You can add recommended links, blogs and articles on a particular topic to refer our audience to helpful information. It will build trustworthiness for your brand.
  • Your Twitter bio, username and recommended hashtags, as well as pinned tweets, should be updated as you go. Ideally, you should change your bio and supporting links every few months. But, this rule does not apply in case of new launches and updated services. Make sure that you give a functional link to your brand’s key website on your Twitter page.
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