Read out the latest changes that took place in the world of internet marketing in our special weekly catch-up blog. Here are some interesting stories to keep in touch with – Discover the new Google My Business alert; a good website design know-how; top myths about search engine optimization to toss out; and some vital factors that can affect the cost of website development.

Weekly New Roundup 11-2-2020

Warning: Deletion of unpublished Google My Business Listings

The mighty Google has started sending out warning emails to Google My Business users . In the alert message, the users whose business pages are still unpublished will get deleted within 30 days . So, to keep your business profile safe, publish your page today within the mentioned days.

If you have any queries, go through our article and have a broader view of the news.

Tips to a Good Website Design

Get a chance to discover the secrets behind top-quality website designs in one of our articles. In the post, we have discussed some essential features a good website includes are clarity and simplicity, user-friendliness, usage of relevant and error-free content, and much more. For an eCommerce website, there should always be a secure payment gateway. Make sure that the confidential data on your site doesn’t get leaked.

Some Myths About SEO we should throw out

In another article by 皇冠体育官方手机下载, we have talked about the six most important myths about search engine optimization and how they have been misleading the young digital marketers. Some of the highlights are as follow – keyword stuffing, search engine manipulating effect, link spamming techniques, hampering websites with copied content, meta tags & ranking, and many more.

Have a look at the article and get an in-depth of these SEO myths .

Aspects That Affect The Cost Of Website Development

Keep yourself updated with the factors that can affect the estimation cost of website development . Readout our article with the same name – Important Factors That Can Effect The Cost Of A Website Development , and learn how SEO-friendly websites charge higher than regular sites. What is more, discover how the Content Management system (CMS) plays an essential role in shaping the cost of website development.

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