Google has recently announced its major core update on January 13th shaking the grounds for digital marketers and today: On January 23rd , they have hit them again, making another shake to their world.


Google now only features one page from each website in the top search results, in an effort to “ deduplicate ” their search.

Previously, a website had the opportunity to feature as a snippet and result query simultaneously on page 1. Now, this update limits your website to appear only once as a snippet and move your ranking to other pages .

To quote Google directly from the announcement: “ Featured Snippets count as one of the ten web page listings we show. ” 

Although there was no prior intimation regarding the same, the phenomenon was tested a few times, and many noted that as a signal for the upcoming change.

Noticeable changes, which are observed by many, reflects that the ranking goes from the top page to 2nd page top result whereas only snippet remains.

For e.g:

Snippet Example

Search Results

The web result has now been shifted to the 2nd page, whereas earlier it was being reflected at the top of the 1st page.

It is said that the effect is limited to some extent, as there is no difference noted in video snippets as of now.

But due to the update being just rolled out today, it’s unclear how tools like Search Console will handle the change and how it will affect overall results, causing lots of confusion among users.

But it is expected that further details would be disclosed tomorrow, i.e. January 23rd .


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