There is no denial in the fact that mobile phones are heavily dominating the markets. 

Mobiles are the masters who tend to do everything ranging from staying in touch with people anywhere across the globe, navigating even to the farthest places using maps, placing orders over shopping sites and much more. 

Depending upon how the businesses utilize mobile marketing, they can either dig a black hole or a gold mine. 

Besides having a relevant online presence, businesses need to ensure that they are accessible through a mobile phone. 

Here is a detailed article suggesting what are the market-dominating mobile trends and what all you could do.


  • 34 % of all e-commerce last year was done via mobile and is expected to double this year.
  • Thirty-seven percen t say they are more likely to buy mobile-optimized websites. That’s why you’d want to make sure the website is user-friendly for smartphone users as it is for desktop users.
  • 18 % of mobile users will leave a website if it does not load within 5 seconds.
  • If your site loads with a 1-second delay , it may result in 7 % fewer conversions.
  • 51.3 % of internet usage in the world happens on mobile rather than desktop
  • 77 % of mobile searches are made on mobile even if there is a desktop available.
  • It is expected that mobile marketing will account for 58 % of all online marketing .
  • If you want attention, your audience is 68 % more aware when sitting on mobile rather than desktop.
  • App use approaches 60 % of the time we spend on digital platforms.
  • 83 % of B2B marketers believe that apps are essential for content marketing.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop
  • Google data shows that 82 % of smartphone users consult their mobile phone when making a purchase decision.
  • 93 % of those researching on the mobile move on to complete a purchase (mostly in physical stores).
  • There are more men than women (45 % VS 34 %) who complete purchases via mobile phone
  • 64 % of mobile marketers say apps are their priority to improve customer experience and drive customer loyalty.


Wondering why it is so important?

Understand the cutting edge benefits that mobile interface gives are better than the conventional interface.

Listings below are few of them:

Accessibility The first term, and (maybe) most important, is speed. All is done instantly on a smartphone. A quick check on social media while bathroom break, a last-minute hunt for a sale before checking out at a department store, is only possible under mobile marketing.

  • Simplified

Mobile marketing is easy and efficient. There is very little time to be spent, as you already know, to find out what the advertisement is trying to get across. Be straightforward and put your need-to-know message in front of your mobile audience, instead of being clever or overly imaginative.

  • Convenient & Speedy

Although this post could start making mobile users sound lazy, it couldn’t be any further from reality. The reason speed, usability and convenience are critical components of a successful mobile marketing campaign is that there’s so much else going on for mobile users.

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