At an advance level, Digital Marketing refers to the branding or advertising your products or organization through digital channels like search engines, websites, mobile apps, Face book, Twitter, Instagram and much more. First used in 1990’s it is targeting a wide range of audience in this contemporary world.

With the step into New Year 2023, there are some possible changes which can occur in Digital Marketing. For the effective promotion and advertisement of their products, businessmen are more inclined towards new techniques for the effective marketing of their products. With the world becoming a global village and the increasing power of social media, Digital Marketing is expected to change in a variety of manners this year. Coming up are the changes which are expected to occur in Digital Marketing.

  1. Raise in Voice Marketing: The voice marketing has shown a decent increase in the past years and according to a research around 20% of the mobile queries are voice searches. It is foreseeable that it will increase in this year. The audiences will be using mobile apps like Siri, Alexa and much more than before. Content can rule this thing as businessmen can focus on creating the appropriate content that the user searches the most.

  1. New Evolution of Content Marketing: Content Marketing is changing at a rapid rate. With new formats in the market, Content marketing is not just limited to writing the articles. Voice search will change the content strategies and the way it works. Content will become more interactive with new additions of features.

  1. Augmentation Reality combined through Social Media: Augmented Reality is basically the combination of digital world or devices with the user’s environment. Almost, everyone is having mobile phones these days which are the most powerful tool, the top brands and organizations will use AR to have a communication with the customers. Augmented Reality will transform the industries.

Augmented Reality

  1. The Collapse of Traditional Marketing: A sudden decline is estimated in the past years in the traditional marketing techniques. Now, most of the businessmen and the organizations are inclined towards methods of marketing through Digital Media world and social apps. It is expected that the traditional marketing techniques will fall down to a much lower level.

Traditional Marketing

  1. More focus on Ads with a fixed purpose: People hardly pay attention to all the ads as they have a minimal attention span. It is often seen that so many ads pop up when we are scrolling through social media without any purpose. This will change the way it works on different platforms like Face book, Instagram, Snapchat and ads will be targeted with a single goal either on mobile or PCs.


  1. Live video in a professional manner: A live feature is becoming very common and almost all social media apps are using this feature. Videos will become in vogue, not just videos the Professional live video feature. It is a great platform these days to connect with your audiences and convey your messages.
  1. Augmentation in Video Marketing: Remember the old times saying, “A picture is more worth than 1000 words”. A pictorial representation of something especially a video will attract a lot of audiences. Video Marketing is used by many prestigious businessmen and powerful people but according to a recent statistics, it will increase. It is the most powerful way to promote your business these days. More and more focus will be on creating video content as it is expected to boost up the search engine ranking and will automatically affect the traffic rates. Cisco systems recent Index report found that video will increase its dominance by 2019. It will represent around 80% of traffic.

  1. The biggest marketing trend for 2023- Artificial Intelligence: The increase in Artificial Intelligence in 2023 is the biggest trend in digital marketing. There has been an increase in the use of automation tools for tasks like order processing. The brands will use them more. Many new roles will be designed and the brands in the market need to determine how these automated tools can profit them.

  1. Swelling in personalized Content: Content is the center point of every marketing campaign. The nature of the content is modifying and brands will start to focus more on individual preferences and the type of content or the ads individuals want to see. There will be an increase in the personalized content. The use of artificial intelligence and big data to the analysis of customer behavior will see a growth in more personalized content.
  1. Communication will be expeditious: The future is foreseeable and it is expected that the communication will increase. The social media apps like Snapchat , Twitter and Instagram will fulfill the same and the brands and organizations which can deliver the fastest service will be given importance than others.
    1. Time to pay close attention to Mobile: It is believable that “ mobile-friendly ” adjustments will be made according to the increasing mobile users. Google announced its mobile-first algorithm which is expected to launch in early 2018. The need of mobile-first indexing will be crucial and need to create smart content for mobile will increase.

  1. Massive change in the retails sector: The world of retail is transforming and the future of the retail sector will totally depend on the digital world. It is seen that more consumers are shopping online than ever before and it will tend to increase this year drastically. Various online purchase channels allow the consumer to buy easily with utmost convenience and comfort.
  1. Contextual Targeting Strategies: It will be more difficult for the tech vendors to track user’s behavior with cookies. It will be replaced by contextual targeting strategies. Contextual targeting is driven by the effective keywords and page’s content. It states that contextual targeting will have twice the click-through rate of the cookie and it’s almost really affordable as compared to behavioral targeting.


  1. Advertising using Native Language: Execution of native advertising into the digital marketing strategy will attract a large number of audiences. Using native language can really affect the digital marketing trend and will target a large number of audiences in 2023.


Conclusion: With the new trends in the market and the need to attract more customers there are and will be much advancement in the digital marketing world which will benefit the entire world.

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