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We help your website make a Distinctive & Irreplaceable place in Google Search Results.

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The main reason you should get a website designed is - 'Websites can promote you 24/7: No employee can do that.

How We Help Our Projects To Win The ‘Web-War’?

We strongly believed in Dave Naylor's quote, and it helped make our Projects win the internet - "My Rule of thumb is to build a site for a user, not a spider".

We put our painstaking efforts into the projects to construct memorable experiences in the form of sites. The transparent & collaborative Web Designing Process is what has made 皇冠体育官方手机下载 - 'The leading Business Growth Partner of Canada's Most Renowned Brands - ShoeClub, Catellie, Kotak Law, Toronto Zoo, Lastman's Bad Boy'.

A design can evoke three responses - Yes, No, and WOW! We aim for WOW! We always strive hard to simplify complex ideas and make them conveyable & easily understandable. You'll not get a single chance to complain against the functionality because we know it is the distinguishable element for design & art.

Our Latest Work

Ingredients of Perfect Web Designing Recipe

If your destination is ‘User-Centric Web Design’, then your web design journey should go through these five roads:

Research & Strategy Building

Research for 皇冠体育官方手机下载’s Web Professionals is – ‘Seeing What Everyone Else Sees And Thinking What Nobody Else Believes’.

Our research phase includes:

  • Studying the Competitive Website
  • Thinking about the Element Inclusion 
  • Finding a user-centric approach to make it work
  • Aligning Client’s Goal with Imagined Web Design 
  • Building a Team with the required expertise

Once the Research Part is done, there comes the Strategy Building. Strategy is a Plan whose importance is defined by Pablo Picasso in words, “Our goals can only be reached through the vehicle of a plan. There is no other route to success.” Our team of experienced strategists co-ordinate and bring out an effective plan which is supported by the essential pillars of web designing.

The BluePrint Plan

What we plan is what we design – Having a Blueprint Plan is the same as dreaming for something exquisite to happen. The Blueprint plan is an imagination of how you want your website to look & function. In this vital stage, we create a rough appearance, including graphics and content. Next, we start thinking about the development front, where our maximum focus is on FUNCTIONALITY.

This Blueprint plan is then shared with the client to obtain his feedback. After the client sends a thumbs up, we step into the next stage – ‘Web Designing’.

The Website Designing

We know the paramountcy of a Good website design for your brand’s credibility & reputation, so our web professionals put their heart & soul into it. 

At this stage, our designing professionals create a virtual appearance of your brand that aligns with your marketing objectives. Our website designs always tell a story that resonates and reflects the highest standards of the products & services you provide. 

This stage is not solely dedicated to Web Designers. Instead, UX Designers & web developers also work closely with them because the next will be their turn to show the wonders of talent they possess.

The Developmental Phase

This stage deals with developing a web version of the site. Here we aim to keep the coding clean as it is responsible for fastening the page load time. We believe in developing a website that makes the visitors feel like entering into a new world of virtual reality. For smooth performance of the Website, we will focus on creating a logical & robust database. This stage triggers us to provide your site with everything a user will want to see in it. 

Once everything concerned with development is done, the content will be placed in the various sections & blocks. Now our website is ready to be moved to the next stage.

Optimize & Launch

Your website is one step away from launch. And you can fill that gap with website optimization. It requires us to keep our website free from errors. So, we Proofread the Content, Check for the relevance in graphics & Ensure whether all the buttons & the links are working correctly. 

Once we are done with the optimization, then comes the Launching. From day 1 of your launch, we make sure that your site makes a special place in SERP.

Online Promotion 

This stage has everything to do with SEO. SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning to play by the rules. SEO is like a Backbone of a website. 

Our online promotion campaign is primarily an end product brought of these raw materials – Creative, Engaging & Easily Understandable Content, High-Quality Backlinks, Strategic Use of the keywords, Using PPC campaign to get benefit in organic rankings as well, Remaining consistently active on the Social Media channels.

Core Elements of our Web Design Strategy

That Increases ENGAGEMENT

Engaging Content

A well-crafted and designed content is the heart & soul of your website. It can be categorized as the ‘Directly Influencing Element’. It communicates with the user and convinces him to make purchases finally. We have a good team of content creators who produce productive, informational, reliable and error-free content. Our content creators always welcome the suggestions clients make to make the content even more likable.

We are glad to inform you that our content creators are recognized as the Forbes Contributors. So you can expect Quality & All-Inclusive content.

Rich Media

‘Appealing Visual Representation’ has become a need of this ‘Internet world’. The users tend to believe ‘What they See’. 皇冠体育官方手机下载 has a highly skilled team that knows how to deliver catchy visuals.

Since we have prefixed the word ‘Rich’ with Media, it means a vast sphere to us. By ‘Rich’, we suggest that all our mediums of visual representation like Graphics & Videos will convince your audience in the best possible way that you are Trustworthy & sell high-quality products.

Persuasive Call-To-Actions

The primary motive of the CTA is to persuade the customer to take the required action, i.e. Make a Purchase, Submit a Form, Subscribe to a newsletter etc. We create CTAs that improve visitor engagement. In our ‘Web Design Strategy Framing Phase’, we carefully plan the placement of CTAs, keeping in mind the user’s psychology of taking action.

皇冠体育官方手机下载 is adept enough to find how to convert CTA into a path of conversion.

Informative Blog

Our strategy does not ONLY involve promotions. Instead, it also aims at educating the users about the Features, Use and Benefits of our products & services. We believe that when we educate the people about our products and services, they are more likely to convert into potential customers.

Our blog writers have award-worthy skills in creating a blog strategy that catches the user’s attention by targeting the Pain Points and offers the solution you provide in the form of the products & services. Towards the end of the blog, they smartly incorporate a CTA that helps your informational blog trigger conversions.

Integrating Social Media

Half of the conversions of a website are contributed by Social Media. Nowadays, there won’t be a single person who does not have an account on social media. Keeping this fact in mind, we regularly create and post creative, unique & informational pictures, videos and GIFs on your social media.

We always had witnessed the positive results of integrating social media with the website. Moreover, including the Social Buttons on the website allows you to share the stuff directly from your website to social media channels.

Design For Audience

We know the importance of specifying the Targeted Audience for achieving real-time results. We know the right way to keep such an audience in touch. Our every effort to impress the selected users is well researched & surveyed. We do not bore your audience with monotonous strategy; instead, we keep it dynamic. You needn’t worry a bit since we hand your project to only those project managers who have quintessential experience in handling that. We always aim to grow your targeted audience’s sphere because ‘The More The Targeted Audience, The More The Profits’.

Mobile First Approach

One of our motives is to improve your brand display by incorporating the Mobile-First approach for your website. 90% of the total internet surfers use mobile to surf the internet. This figure translates the importance of constructing a website in a mobile-first approach.

Be it an eCommerce store or an informational website, it attains 95% of the mobile traffic. 皇冠体育官方手机下载’s strategist considers all these things while building a strategy. They ensure that the Mobile First Approach is much more effective than the desktop versions. Exhale all your worries – ‘Whether my business will grow’, ‘Whether I’ll achieve profits or not’. We promise you to expand your business and make it flourish.

Proper Functionality & Speed

One of the biggest reasons causing the high bounce rate (Users leave the website before 3 seconds) is the slow load time and improper functionality. At 皇冠体育官方手机下载, our SEO executives regularly check all the website elements and endeavor to improve them.

Our web developers possess advanced skills and know-how to enhance the functionality and leave a flexible scope for future modifications. We have built websites for ShoeClub, Lastman’s Bad Boy, Kotak Law Firm, Toronto Zoo, Catellie by keeping the functionality & speed aspect in mind and by our Efforts’ Grace, each one of them is earning the highest revenues.

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