‘Pyra Labs’ introduced a revolutionary blogging platform named ‘Blogger’ on August 23, 1999. However, in February 2003, Google acquired ‘Pyra Labs’ in an undisclosed amount, moving a step forward in the blogging revolution.

Now, you are considering why this is a news even? Well, according to the industry estimations, Google is moving all the BlogSpot.com accounts to GoogleBlog.com official domain name in the coming months that will reflect the company’s identity clearly and it will help Google to capturing the better attention among the upcoming generation of bloggers.
However, the merger will take place over the next several months. This has raised a question among marketers regarding Google’s URL change policy, which can adversely affect the entire platform in terms of ranking.


In addition, Google has already started migration by migrating Google Webmaster Blog to https://webmasters.googleblog.com/ . “the previous address will redirect to the new domain, so your bookmarks and links will continue to work.” John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds and comments URLs will not be migrated, and people will have to re-subscribe them separately.

Nearly every SEO and digital expert is biting off its nails to see the response of the migration in terms of SEO. How will it effect? Will it ever effect the ranking? If Google knows SEO effect on sudden changes to URLS, why they are doing it?

We have to wait and see, or we can have a debate on those question and find some new ideas and insights to do same.

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