Mastering a forte right from the beginning is not an easy task. For all those who are running a PPC campaign for the first time, there are going to be many apprehensions. The best way to deal with them is to find some tools that could help in getting detailed insight into keywords, ad copy, and other factors that are responsible for delivering better results. Using PPC tools would give you a chance to get an edge over the competitors while analyzing the ad campaigns they are running. The best part is that while analyzing the current statistics, you can learn from their successes and failures rather than finding new stats.

PPC Tools


This easy to use tool offers a chance to acquire insight into competitor’s keywords, the ad copy prepared by them and the overall ad budget. Quite affordable, this tool begins from $59 per month. You can initiate while running some queries to see what all data is offered by this tool.

USP of iSpionage: Well, this tool is incredible in terms of usage and lets the user go through the panel and find out all the keywords and strategies that are offering the competitors an edge over you. This tool could be a saviour for all those who are running an agency or PPC campaign on a small budget.


With SEMrush, you can use your targeted keywords to find competitors who are using similar keywords. You can then click upon the searched competitors to analyze all the data, such as other targeted keywords and their ad copies. The pricing for the SEMrush tool starts at $69.95 per month and allows you to run sample queries to see limited data initially. Once you purchase it, you can analyze complete data.

USP of SEMrush: You get quick access to the competitors who are at the top of organic search results for the best keywords. You can view the competitors’ ad copy and get an idea as to where does your ad stand in front of their ad.



SpyFu as the name suggests, lets the user spy upon the competitor. You can know about the movement of your competitor has shown up on Google. Also, you can get to know about all the keywords that made the competitors navigate and create ad variations. The tool starts at $79 per month , and you can always run a few queries before purchasing it.

USP of SpyFu: Users get a view of all those keywords that manage to bring profit for competitors. You can find the best keywords while having a look at the advertising history.



KeywordSpy lets the user discover data over a competitive edge by showing competitors’ PPC campaigns and strategies. They point out the keywords and the ad copies that manage to drive lucrative benefits. The pricing starts at $89.95 per month . Again, the best way to know if the tool offers suggested services, you can run a few sample queries.

USP of KeywordSpy: The value of the keyword on the money-making side could be analyzed through the use of the ROI indicator.



Adbeat is another tool that lets the user discover the strategies followed by most of the advertisers online. You can see the data for an advertiser of your choice and see how well they are working and what all strategies they are following when creating and promoting their ad copies. You can analyze the plan, spy over the existing ad copy through split testing, and come across different creatives that are used by an advertiser. The pricing for the tool starts at $99 per month .

USP of Adbeat: You can browse and keep an eye over all the top ads, sort them as per formats and performance. If looking for a versatile tool that could help in raising the bar of your content network advertising channels.


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