Humans are prone to believing myths. Once a myth goes viral, it feeds into our programming and eventually; we suffer. There are countless stories in various parts of the world that hunt humans because they are heard, but not have vital proof of their existence.

For instance; Loch Ness Monster, Yeti etc; all are much-talked topics, but science doesn’t accept their existence. No proof, you know.

However, some people claim to have seen them, but science calls them merely the mind’s illusion. However, those tales make our planet much more interesting. Those stories perplex us about the creation, and we consume content that talks about them.

Being a wordsmith and creating compelling stories is the success mantra of any successful marketing campaign . Facts are important in your content, but the art of telling those facts that the message gets conveyed and stay with the user is the true aim of the content.

In the virtual world, writing content and hoping traffic will come itself as a gift from Google will not help. Every story needs to be marketed to reach more and more people. Content marketing is an art as well as science. There’s no shortage of writers who live with certain misconceptions mentioned below:

Myth #1 – Build a Great Blog and Traffic will be there

How can someone drive to your blog when you have been marketed about your existence? Do you actually know the number of blogs already floating on the web? Our minds will probably unable to comprehend the fathom number of the blogs that are seeking attention.

If we call content marketing the synonym of inbound marketing, then it will be hitting the nail on the head. There are various inbound marketing myths in digital world. Content marketing covers content in its name. Hence, it will be the world of lies, if you don’t market your content.

Myth #2 – Prioritizing Content over Marketing

It’s true that without content you can’t have a product to market. On the other hand, what you will do with the product when you don’t market. It’s like opening an eCommerce store of Cakes and Pastries and hoping to see huge traffic on your website just because you bake amazing pastries and cakes?

Read the writers’ history that fell into the trap of thinking,”I create and therefore I will succeed”.

This mantra is nothing but a dead end. Without marketing not even the most successful company can remain stable. Our minds need to be constantly reminded about the existence of certain things; otherwise, we humans are so complex that we forget most of the products after some time.

“Out of sight, out of mind”, it fits well in the digital world as well.

Even history’s greatest artists such as Salvador Dali etc. not only created mind-blowing Surrealism paintings; but, he also knew the art of marketing as well. His creative marketing skills made him worldwide famous and he’s read thoroughly in the history of arts in the top ranking universities to better understand the art.

According to the web industry reports, every day 2 million blogs are being published. So if you are thinking that you have amazing writing skills, then you are sitting on a bomb which will explode your dreams into millions of little pieces. Wouldn’t hurt it more, then?

Let’s make it clear, it’s 50% of your marketing skills that viral your blog.

If you not market your blog, and it goes viral, then call it your sheer luck, but the process won’t get repeated. For it, you need to have millions of following on various social media channels – and those are constantly engaging on your posts, or unless you are Christiano Ronaldo or The Rock.

Websites like BuzzFeed, Diply, Upworthy, Cracked etc. have changed the industry with their epic business role model. They have worked hard to market their blogs and still do even if they enjoy traffic in millions.

Myth #3 – Ordinary Content is Enough.

Gone are the days, when Google’s panda algorithm wasn’t strong and SEO community’ used keyword stuffing in the content for better keyword ranking. This, however, doesn’t work anymore, and if you check the website that still pursue this strategy, then, you will find them ranking lower than the websites who create informative articles.

Years ago textual content was acceptable because the content industry was still booming or was in the early stage of its evolution. As the years passed, visuals became important for better engagement. Nowadays, readers want quality not quantity, so does the Google.

Ask yourself that if you care about the ordinary content that shouts messages? Deep inside of your heart you know about the irrelevancy about the content, and you value your precious time in reading some else that grows your knowledge and teach you something about a typical thing.

While writing online, you should be aware of the cut-throat competition. How every writer is lurking for attention and wants as many readers his brain can comprehend. Hence, there’s no excuse left why you should not do content marketing of your crafted content. If you don’t, then, who?

According to the research by Orbit Media , 1500 words blog post has become the industry standard and blending the text with visuals, appeals more.

Consider your blog as a film screenplay that has won an Academy award (Oscars). If you know the stature of ‘The Academy’, you will know how awesome your work should be. Not every great screenplay produced in the same year can win ‘The Academy’, but they get their love from the audience and from other celebrated awards around the globe. The films get watched and producers cover the money.

What makes a screenplay great is a great outline, sentence structure, conflict, editing, and polishing until the final draft doesn’t get ready. Your blog should do that. Pour your heart and soul in the content, so it doesn’t have glitches.

Myth #4- Content marketing is about Search Engines

You couldn’t be more wrong in your life if you live with this lie. Write for humans because that’s what viral your blog and helps in better SEO (search engine optimization) . A mixture of content and marketing will certainly take you upfront and if you have content that connects with the mind, your talent will surely shine. You will have a voice like no other, and people will actually listen to you. They will love to ponder over things that you tell, even if it’s promoting a brand in your sponsored posts.

Myth #5- Content marketing doesn’t need technology

Before social media technology got developed or were in the raw stage, content marketing was hard to do or regarded as a manual job. The truth is that content marketing is getting popular and people are coming to know the real importance of this marketing strategy because there are a lot of tools to save your time on promotion.

Content marketing includes images, videos, blog posts, many social networks, multiple media, metrics, optimization, email, search and more. Since there is so much content to manage and aligning with the perfect strategy for the best results, platforms such as, Hubspot, Marketo etc. are becoming important for every size business.

Myth #6- Content marketing just about giving away free content and stuff

Those days are long gone, when the content was just about publishing the content on the blog and let readers have vital information within a few minute read. Bloggers were, are, will be the epitome of content marketing; however, they have become much more clever as the time changed.


Nowadays, bloggers give free PDF and want an email in return. If you have downloaded a free eBook from a blog, then you know what I am talking here. If your readers want to use premium features then they have to show their love with some cash. That’s how the industry is working and will going to stay on this path in the coming years. Basically, blog’s success depends on how strongly you have optimized your CTA (call-to-action).

Great content marketing achieves 3 goals; Traffic, Engagement, and Conversion. If you fail to achieve these goals, then you are certainly doomed.

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