Content Marketing (CM) is one of the most dynamic elements in digital marketing . Undeniably, it’s completely lucrative and irrespective, regardless how tough it’s to extend the reach. You have heard ‘Content is the King’ a zillion time and how it helps in setting new milestones; but, have hardly heard about its poor execution that can hurt the brand more than you can imagine.

Following are some of the CM tips to help you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons.

Content Marketing

Use Genuine Resources

There are many websites who claim to offer the best content but fall flat when it comes to providing real facts and details. Cross-check the data in the link that you are using statistics from. Even a little mistake will take readers away and they will likely never return. Don’t hit the speed bump while providing old stats. Always rely on trustable sources to gain the information. One bump and readers are gone.

Be Genuine

Know your Audience

If you are still following the strategy of ‘one size fits all,’ then you are moving towards a dead-end. It will not be applicable. Know your audience and prepare content for them. Your targeted audience is your loyal readers, and they come first. If you are a serious content marketer, then you have to embrace this notion and plan your future posting keeping your readers in mind—one step at a time.

Know Your Audiance

Enable Voice Search

A majority of people prefer to use voice-activated assistants like Siri and Alexa to look for information, rather than tediously typing it out on Google search bar. Even though this technology has been available to us for a while now, it had started to grow massively popular in recent times. From ordering food online to browsing through headlines, voice search has entered our daily life.

Enable Voice Search Short Videos Content 

Content creators have discovered that most of the fast-paced routines don’t allow people’s patience to last for more than a few minutes. Instagram stories and Snapchat videos have fueled this trend further. Short videos, edited crisply, work the best and are predicted to experience a steady rise in the future as well. Keep it short and sweet, folks!

Video Content

Live Streaming is a Thing

2019 witnessed an epic pop-culture moment when Diplo live-streamed Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s secret impromptu wedding in Las Vegas; Mark Ruffalo was caught in blind when he accidentally live-streamed the final instalment of the Avengers movie, right at its world premiere. Say what you will live streaming is the ultimate tool to include your followers in your special moments. It isn’t going away anytime soon. On the contrary, you might get to witness its high flight in 2021 .

Live Streaming

Content marketing has now taken on a bigger role on social media and relies on word-of-mouth for instant popularity. It doesn’t mean updated content is stale; it actually helps to keep your content updated so that when it catches the right eye, it reaps you grand rewards.

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