In case your website displays an everyday look and is more like a brochure, then you are scraping the surface only. 

Your website design is the most striking tool for generating leads, which is why you must keep it well maintained. With no mystery & no smoke, let us get straight to the punch.  

Here are the five website design tips that we believe you all should follow to alter the status from ‘visitors’ to ‘customers.’

  •   TIP 1

Taglines Are the Anchors

Start with a tagline, a tagline that is highly identifiable. Use words that allow you to convey where the customers have landed, from the first instance. 

You should know that the customers’ concern is that they have come to the right place. 

If you fail to convince them at the first instance itself, they are going to bounce or leave bounce from the website. Keep in mind this golden rule.

SITE NAME is the place that allows TARGET AUDIENCE to avail SERVICES YOU OFFER  

  • TIP 2

Let Your Design Answer the Queries

With millions of results listed on a search engine, no one is actually going to spend much time over your website if they find nothing exciting. 

Your concern should be clearing their doubts . This can be done by answering the questions a first-time visitor has in mind.  

Understand the mind-set of the visitor and answer the questions on what the site is about? Does it offer services that the visitor is looking for? Make sure your design speaks of the answers.

Your DESIGN = ANSWER to customer queries

  • TIP 3

BIG & BOLD – Keep It Simple

Reading plain content can be a pain for any reader. He should not be haunted by the descriptive paragraphs listed on the homepage when a visitor visits your site. 

We understand that you want to describe your services, but filling the space would not help out.  

Instead, create content that includes big and bold headlines, bullet points, all of which highlight the same keywords and phrases but in a different manner.

  • BIG
  • BOLD 
  • TIP 4

Let the Customers DISCOVER You

As a website owner selling services or products, you need to make sure that you do not force people to try out your services through pop-ups.  

Instead, you should follow a call-to-action approach . For instance, you want visitors and customers to register for a newsletter, download stuff or sign up ; you need to ensure that they are able to discover these services.  

You can highlight a few things big and bold to make it easy to find them.

Let the customers FIND you easily. 

  • TIP 5

Keep It Concise

The most effective tip for digging golden customers is to make their task confined and easy. For instance, the customers are willing to sign up for your newsletter; you need to confine the information required to name and email address. 

Asking them to fill too many fields could be tedious and may cause them to leave the page in between simply.

Fill NAME, EMAIL -ADDRESS and you are done


These tips can make all the differences when dealing with the possible lead and ensuring that they made through the funnel of sales.  

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