Ah, Cupcakes! Who doesn’t love eating this yummy treat? Cupcakes are a great example of simplistic and perfect culinary, art and how chefs decorate them for perfect presentation is an inspiration for art designers. Cupcakes have a long history that can teach us valuable lessons to perfect the art of designing.

In this post, we will learn what web designers can learn from baking cupcakes and how they can design their workflow to show their creativity in every project, inspired by this famous treat.

1. Use Necessary Tools Only

The marketing through cupcake is not new. It dates back to several years, when priests spread awareness about Christianity through clever marketing tactics- by giving free cupcakes with relevant images on it to gain attention. A lot of companies still use this strategy and implement on their Cupcakes for better user engagement and attention.

The important message we can derive out of it, though, is simple. Bring in the tools that you can’t do without. Nothing more or less than that. Web designing is a lot like baking a cupcake. It requires only a few things you need to bring to the table-an exemplary content, a theme that matches your content, and optimization tools that will spread your visibility across the internet.



2. Measure Everything Correctly

Cupcake sounds easy to bake, but that’s not the case. Either you make them right, or botch them. Modern baking equipment and chemicals like instant cake mixes have really made cupcake baking easy. However, if you want to make it into a truly mouth-watering delicacy, grandma’s good-old recipe is the way to go.

Web designing is similar. You can download the entire template, HD images and can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or After-Effects to create a quick design akin to the project’s nature. Clients, however, are paying you for your creativity and uniqueness. They want you to dedicate yourself to create a project that is completely unique and you must not only depend on pre-created layouts for the best outcome possible.

3. Test And Taste Before You Present

While baking cupcakes, the baker keeps tasting and adjusting, tweaking and adding ingredients, to enhance the taste of it. He even makes test batches to see if he is getting the best cupcake possible. That is exactly what needs to be done in Web designing, too. You can’t be finished and done with. You need to add and edit, tweak and test, before you can present the design to the client.

It is vital that the client is happy with the customizations that you make for them. There are going to be difficult times too, when nothing seems to be working. But, like a master baker, don’t give up. Keep on perfecting what you have already and you will surely come out with a special design.

4. Let It Cool

If you are familiar with baking or have knowledge of culinary art, then you must be aware of some common principles that every baker keeps in mind. For instance; it’s impossible to frost hot cupcakes because it will melt all over the place. You need to cool the cupcakes down enough so that the frosting can set on them perfectly.

Similarly, once you have nailed down the theme and layout, it is important that you let your creative ideas brew in your mind first, before you add on them.


5. Take A Last Look

A simple vanilla cupcake can be made interesting by adding extra things like a dash of ginger or chunks of mango. But, put so many things to make it extraordinary, you will end up spoiling the whole thing.

If something is unimportant in your design, remove it immediately. You don’t need to add extra decoration in your designs for the sake of adding something because it looks appealing to the eyes.

6. Keep Your Tools Updated and Ready for the Next Day

A lot of chefs follow certain rituals after calling it a day. They clean their equipment and get it ready for the next workday. Before going home, they check if all appliances are working fine. They do it because they don’t want to be disappointed in the middle of important things the next day. If some problem occurs, they know they have time to replace the faulty equipment; or if some ingredients run low, they know they can go and buy those, rather than buying right before work starts the next morning.

Hence, always test your tools beforehand. Don’t get lazy just because you have used it recently. If your client has given you a design idea or has provided you enough details to bring his vision to life; then, you can test it to find the spot, which can be improved for a better outcome. Don’t hesitate to tell this to your clients.

Remembering cupcake situation will help you to tweak changes in your designs and create it aesthetically amazing that adhere to your clients’ vision.


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