There were countless speculations before the start of this decade about just how necessary it would be for SEO to adopt the responsive design.

But, by March 2015 , Google’s update made it clear that SEO’s mobile website will have a significant impact, and has proved it year after year by releasing many other big updates focused on it.

Since, then, Google made it clear that the ranking factor of a website would depend upon whether it is responsive in nature or not. Implementing a successful mobile SEO strategy would help businesses in garnering the desired competitive edge over others.

With the constantly increasing smartphone users day by day, the scope for online shopping seems to have grown evidently. Mobile and desktop searches were mainly neck and neck until mid- 2019 , with mobile-only edging into the lead every few months. Nevertheless, in June 2019 , smartphone searches accounted for 50.71% , with the phone falling to 45.53% .

Knowing how important it is to target mobile users, one must make sure that the website is responsive in nature. To offer the mobile users an improved user experience, you will have to rely upon these 3 development configurations.

  • Responsive Web Design – The best thing about Responsive architecture is that it offers a single HTML over the same URL as per the device’s screen size. The key thing is that it varies the content on the site according to the screen the material is viewed on.
  • Dynamic Serving – In dynamic serving, the website is served with a different HTML code over the same URL. It gets modifies as per the user agent that is requesting the page.
  • Separate URLs – As the name suggests, this approach offers different URLs to users. It means that separate versions of a website are maintained for both desktop and mobile. As per the device through which the user is accessing the website, the user is served with a single option.

Considering the ease of development and use, one should always consider opting for Responsive Web Design . No matter, what you rely upon, the most important part would be avoiding common mistakes that most of the developers and designers make while developing a mobile website.

Below is the infographic created by Nine Hertz for Instantshift that explains Mobile SEO along with the common mistakes made. The infographic also recommends actions that should be taken for making your mobile website search engine friendly.

Mobile Website For SEO

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