A note from millennial: Generation Y is here. Besides the fact that we are in love with the selfies, love to browse viral cat videos, we are avid shoppers. We love to shop over sites that keep their marketing strategies open for the millennial.

The note clearly shows that the generation is clear about their thoughts and is pretty smart when it comes to online shopping. Considering the segment of shoppers the Gen Y comprises of, ignoring them could be a loss. For any marketer, it is crucial to consider this segment and follow strategies that target them specifically.

Word of Mouth Matters

If we notice the trend followed by millennial shoppers (as specified by surveys), it is their faith over the word of mouth that is going to top the list. Most of the shoppers make their purchasing decisions based upon the reviews heard from others. They do not care which celebrity is endorsing your brand. What matters are the reviews and referrals. A significant fraction of millennials goes through reviews before buying anything.

Review Reading

How to Make Millennials Buy Your Products

As we said earlier, Word of Mouth is the best strategy for making the millennial convert over your store. Here is how you can benefit from this strategy:

  • Make sure your website features all the product and service reviews in a way that it is easy to find. The reviews have to be genuine, which is why you can always encourage the existing customers to leave their valuable reviews. The best way is to incentivize them with coupons.
  • Since it is the age of responsive websites , you need to make sure that the reviews are easy to view over mobile devices and tablets. Most of the millennials rely upon these devices for browsing the internet. That is why you need to make sure that reviews could be accessed over the mobile site as well.

Responsive Web Design

  • Make sure that you are using testimonials and reviews as the content marketing and other social media activities. With customers sharing the reviews of your products and service over social media sites, you can garner a wide audience.

Where is The Sale going on?

Online sales are the most loved phenomenon among-st all shoppers and Millennials are no different. They are smart shoppers who shop according to the upcoming sale trends. They do not mind switching their loyalty from one brand to another if the latter offers them better prices.

How to grab Sale-Hunters

Here is how you can grab eyeballs of all those millennials who are always looking for sales or savings.

  • When your sale is on, you should promote it over all those platforms that you know the millennials visit. As per the surveys, the engagement of millennials is maximum over Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Instagram Twitter & Facebook Get More Engagement

  • Simply putting a note about the sale would not help in garnering attention. Instead, you will need to create an image or video that could be shared by everyone at various platforms.
  • As a part of your marketing strategy, make sure you know that your price is better than the competitor’s. In case your product price is comparable to the fancy brand names, make sure that you market this fact.

Discount Coupons & Social Shopping

For most of the shoppers, the first thing that attracts them is discount coupons. Before checking out, shoppers prefer to browse for coupons and voucher codes to make sure they knock down the price a little. Most of the millennials follow their favourite brands over social media platforms to get updated about the deals and coupons. Another strategy is to subscribe for a brand as most of the brands offer discount coupons, free shipping coupons and much more upon sign up.

Discount Coupons

How to Tempt Millennials with Vouchers

If you are not aware of the fact that you can capitalize through coupons offered to millennials then here is how to start.

  1. Offer them discount coupons over the social channels upon which they engage maximize. This way, you will not only reward the users for connecting with you but also be able to convert them.
  2. You can always offer incentives to all those who are signing up for the mailing list or account. You can display the same over website header.
  3. Make sure that you market your coupons through social buying platforms such as Groupon. This way you would be able to tempt audiences.
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