A lot of companies are producing content at a consistent pace. However, if you have created a large amount of content, then you understand the challenge of remembering everything to date, isn’t it?

  • The problem in remembering ever content piece created to date.
  • Unable to track the desirable content from the vault.
  • A huge struggle to collaborate with other team members.
  • Failing to leverage existing content for better content marketing. (Using it in new pieces to create strong interlinking between the content pages)

DAM technology provides solutions to reuse and enhance the old content for future use and save time in creating a new piece of content. The tool offers you the freedom to reuse the content without producing errors and inconsistencies.

Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. are some of the cheapest DAM options at the beginning, but as you move to an enterprise-level, a professional system will be needed to continue growth and content management proficiency.

DAM System

From automation of tagging, storage, and retrieval, DAM software is a boon for an enterprise and a great tool to push content marketing to the advanced stage of growing brand presence. Based on taxonomy, DAM software automatically tags content by year/event, topic, content type (story, analytics, blog/article or whitepaper).

Suppose your client needs an article on  Magento 2.0  and you had written a great article on it, and feel to reuse the article because a lot of things are happening in the Magento Development world. DAM software will take seconds to locate a particular article. It will access the article through tags etc. Since the tool forces a system of your data storage, each and every member in the process comes in the loop.

DAM technology asks commitment; a commitment to tag the articles in a predictable and consistent way. Moreover, it’s easier to track down who in the company has used the asset and how much.

“At the rate, marketers are creating content, today, many organizations have a Big Content problem. They need a central source to not just manage all that content, but also a system that will automatically serve up content to each channel, device, and user.” – Jake Athey

Suppose, you are rebranding the company and have created a beautiful logo to use in the place of the old one, it will be hard to find the locations where the old one was used. DAM comes in play and tracks all the places where the old logo was used and automatically updates it. The time is saved; the money is saved; the resources are saved. Thanks to DAM.

No matter if you want to change your Twitter handle or Facebook page, having DAM will quickly help you to spot the places where the name was used/mentioned. It saves a lot of time and offers clear insights to make a new strategy for the new account.

Enterprises that have churned a good amount of content and are trying to cope with the huge content library, DAM helps in accessing the evergreen content for re-purposing and to use it in a creative way that not only saves time but brings fruitful results, too.

Did you know that the old content can give your SEO practices a huge push? A lot of websites, even gigantic corporations like Cisco, etc. are updating their old content and washing ashore the dead links with new links and reusing it.

Google loves websites that remain updated in terms of content. No one loves to read outdated content. DAM keeps outdated content aside and restricts its access to members of the organization and supplies only that content, which offers value at the best.

There are many ways in which DAM saves a lot of data and time. Let’s explore a few:

  1. Uses Metadata

Content Marketers use metadata in the content for easy discovery by the niche audience. Categorization truly helps in the digital world because it benefits in accessing desirable content hassle-free; otherwise, too much of content can make anyone mad. Metadata your entire data if you want DAM to be your best bet for content marketing purposes.

  1. A lot less looking, a lot more doing

We spend a big chunk of our work time in looking for old stuff; in filing cabinets, in archives or emails. With DAM, you don’t have to undergo the hassle of searching for files endlessly and you can instead use that time constructively. DAM software offers advanced search functionality to locate your files and folders as soon as possible.

  1. Convenient File Distribution

DAM no longer keeps it mandatory to attach all your files to emails and transfer them back and forth between your colleagues. You can merely categorize your digital load into categories and use generate URLs and links to share them with people who need access. This categorization also leads to a simple and convenient storage of files and you can access a whole library with just a single link.

  1. Limit Excessive Content Production

It might have happened a lot with you probably that you end up writing over and over again on the same topic, but in varying titles. You might have also experienced that a piece is sometimes too good to be trashed and you want to keep it for refurbishment for future use.

DAM helps you in revisiting old scraps and pieces that are related to your current content and can be possibly used in a better way. This not only saves the unused data by utilizing it elsewhere, but also keeps a check on time too.

  1. Divide Admin Duties

DAM is not just a software that searches and saves, but can also help you vastly in managing and administering roles and duties virtually. This automatic management of data can take a load off of your back and can also assist you in delivering the highest quality content possible.

Time is money when it comes to managing data and creating fresh content. The assistance of DAM makes your life easier by handling most of the data operations and making content creation convenient.

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