The best part about social media is that the more you try hands on new things, better you get to learn. As a whole, all your mistakes, failures and successes are going to help you in discovering new facts regarding social media marketing. We managed to try out several new strategies through 2020.

Here is a quick guide about the best social media practices we learned in 2020, so far.

The Multiplicity of platforms

The users of the internet have diversified their preferences and are available on most of the well-known social platforms of the day. Be it Quora or Tik Tok, online traffic runs in millions of visitors and active users, if not more. The importance of putting content on all of these contemporary platforms cannot be underrated anymore. CEO and Founder of Wallaroo Media, Brandon Dolyle , remarks-

“ Organic reach on Tik Tok is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s better than even early days of Facebook. We’ve seen incredible results for our clients. The ad platform is early stage but the ROI there is great too.”


Multicity of platforms   Keep Your Meme Game Strong

2019 had started to witness a trend that reached a whole new level in 2020 . Memes are found to be the most shared information bits in a single day. Millions of people tag their friends in these so-called slapstick pictures. Advertisers have quickly joined the bandwagon by partnering with most-famous meme accounts on Twitter and Instagram to promote their products and services.


Keep meme game strong   The Sequel To Stories

While Snapchat had ruled the stories-based shares in 2019 , a huge surge in the sharing of stories from other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. is seen in the first half of 2020 . With the lockdown and social distancing measures in place, people have gotten creative and have shared their creativity in the form of daily stories put on their various social media accounts. Brands like Tastemade keep updating their stories everyday with new recipes for dishes to be tried at home, making it a popular medium to share content. Sarah Clarke of Dufflin Media states that,

“Stories are a perfect way to get the attention, for a few valuable seconds, of an audience that loves authentic, creative content.”


The sequel to stories
There’s Nothing Like Online Retail Therapy

Online retail has seen a big surge in traffic and ROIs. The lockdown due to Covid-19 has brought about a spinning change in the shopping pattern of buyers. E-commerce is taking a huge leap towards catering to the various sectors of market that have now solely become dependent on e-commerce sites to deliver them their products. Clothing industry and local boutiques were already famous in online circles, but they are gathering more clients now than the numbers before.


Online retail therapy
Online Rise of The Influencers

Not that they weren’t influential before, but the heights that the influencers have now reached are monumental. Brands rely on the quick audience gathered by the influencers to promote their products. Advertising has now branched out to the Instagram territory and the influencers are now the torchbearers of this new approach towards online marketing that has taken a solid shape in 2020.

Online rise of influencers

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