Have you ever thought about what the reverence of good website design is?

A website designed on poor lines can cause unnecessary stress, annoyance, and waste a lot of time. 

Poorly designed websites restrict the response and lead to low conversion rates and eventually results in minimum ROI.

With this decade on the verge of end, it is time to bid adieu the old tactics and renounce new eCommerce design trends. With the help of an experienced team of web designers at 皇冠体育官方手机下载, we are here to predict the top design trends for the next decade.

With these eCommerce web design trends, you can make sure that the new, as well as the returning customers, remain engaged.

  • 75% of people judge websites based on their aesthetics.
  • 94% of the website’s opening impressions are linked to design.
  • Whether the interface or content is unattractive, 38% of people do not connect with a website.
  • Colours are the soul

It might be hard to digest, but the colour white has its own definitive “space.” However, don’t always play safe with white or pastels. Instead, learn to experiment. The reason being – customers like surprises. In order to grab their attention and not let them cross over to the competition, go intense in your colour choice. Use colours scientifically. Colour palettes are great influencers if you know how to make effective use of this strategy.

  • Micro UX Effects

There are some little features that you might assume are often ignored by the customer. But, in contrast, these features actually boost the user experience and manage to boost the click-through rates. Including micro UX effects and transitions in the website can reduce the friction existing between design and user experience.

UX Design

You can implement elements such as hover effects over navigation bar, color altering animation, outlining the website path while navigating the store or displaying a larger image when hovering over existing product image. With the elements such as larger image upon hovering will help you save a lot of space, amuse the visitors and will improve the product display.

  • Visual Sense

The success of Google Material Design underlines the need for basic digital elements in e-commerce sites in 2020 . The world’s most successful search engine predicts the year will be witnessing the growing rise of websites with uber-cool buttons and a host of other animated apps, including videos and interactive design, to catch consumer interest.

Video snippets are one of the most useful eCommerce web design trends that have remained and will continue to be. Let the talk transpire with your product!

The biggest disadvantage for online shoppers is physical non-proximity. It makes it difficult for them to comprehend the features of a product. Here comes a product video with animation and the works detailing each feature, and the product comes alive before the viewer!  

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