For any internet marketer, improving the PPC conversion rates is probably the most critical aspect. You are master at AdWords, but what about the lack of ideas that you come across when trying something new?

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You check everything from bids, negative keywords, landing page heading to the Button colour. You have managed to do everything in your reach but still not satisfied with the number of leads and want to increase the leads and sales. But how? How about multi-step landing pages? Well, to those who are not acquainted with what these are, here is a brief:

Multi-step landing pages are the landing pages that let you spread the questions and other fields over multiple pages, rather than having a one-step page and form.

Reason #1- Online Audience Has Now Turned Smarter

Gone is the time when people used to spend their maximum time watching TV. Now, we are witnessing an era where digital media consumption has outshined the media, such as TV. It means more and more people prefer spending time on phones, tablets and laptops to a great extent. Since the audience is spending so much time online, it gets but evident that the audience has now turned smarter than before.

The quest for finding something par excellent leads the audience to search for more websites. When looking for a particular service or product, they make sure that they settle for someone after evaluating as many websites as they could. The issue of Ad banner blindness has now become more prominent, which means that the traditional PPC marketing efforts are somehow failing. As a marketer, you cannot rely upon the advertising strategies that you framed three years ago as they would not deliver results as expected.

The most irritating thing for the audience is to go through the so-called one-step form that has 32 fields in it. The moment they realize that the form is asking for name, email, and phone number, they prefer bouncing right away.

No one is interested in getting acquainted with a salesperson. All that matters is the quality of the product that they are getting for a special price. They are excited at comparing these prices to what others are offering. That is why one-step landing pages fail to convert as expected. The visitors sometimes start believing that the form would lead to several calls, emails and messages from the website. It counts as a significant fact that refrains them from filling the form.

Reason #2- People Get Distracted Easily

With the audience getting smarter with time, they wish to explore quality content that is authentic and differentiable. It would not take them much time to bounce if they see content that seems vague. The overall attention spans have gone down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds today. In layman’s term, this means that earlier, the user used to wait for at least 12 seconds to go through the content before bouncing off, but now they spend no more than 8 seconds to make the final call.

People Get Distracted Easily

So, the responsibility of keeping the audiences glued to your website depends upon whether you are offering clear value to them and letting them avail what they want while making things easy.

Consider the specific scenario below, where the website went from a one-step landing page having three fields (name, email, and phone) to a two-step landing page that has seven fields. The result was a 214% increase in conversion rate.

Single Step Landing Page

single landing page


Multi Step Landing Page

multi step landing page

Reason #3 – Make People Believe That They Are Getting What They Want

The prominent reason for why multi-step landing pages help in improving the conversion rates are the belief of visitors that they are availing what they desired for, right in the beginning, hence eliminating the need to reach the final step.

Your website visitors understand the fact that they will have to go through some prequalifying questions to receive the final quote. For instance, if you are a car dealer, you will be asking the users to offer details about cars, models and other options to give them a quote. Here is an example of how succeeds in the task of delivering an efficient and a crisp result.

Peddle is an automated service that offers the user an instant quote for their car. The form might seem long and complicated as compared to other PPC competitors, but it does a tremendous job. It is because the user could be sure that he is getting a good deal without having to get in touch with anyone. The site has a 13-field multi-step landing page process. But, in all the user experience is terrific.

This is how the final offer page looks like:


PPC Landing Pages

Once you create your first multi-step landing pages and have gone live with them, the purpose should be focusing upon improvement in the conversion rate on an individual step. That way, you can let the sales funnel go broader and allowing more people to make it to the conversion step. This would be highly beneficial in enabling you to grow the rate of conversion and would eventually improve the quality of leads.

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