With Google updating the search engine algorithms frequently, there is no doubt on why SEO field is littered with assumptions and supposed practices.

With search engines paving the way towards improvement, SEO experts are following a holistic approach in context to content and the traditional marketing strategies. Through this post, we will be sharing the current trends that you should incorporate in your SEO plan for 2015.

  1. Use of Informal Keyword Phrases

It was back in 2013 when Google’s hummingbird update suggested how keywords would be understood over the web. Even now in 2015, SEO experts are making sure that they use conversational keyword phrases. This means that the entire phrase should make sense rather than individual words in the phrase.


So as an SEO expert, you will have to take care of the following things:

  • Avoid using your PR company to create links & ensure that the quality of backlinks is high (i.e. they are from trusted websites).
  • Keep the anchor text link to your site a much natural as possible. Keyword stuffing in anchor text is a strict NO!
  • The website through which you are bringing backlinks should be an entertaining resource and should associate with the audience you wish to target for your website.
  • Never forget to create a social presence across all major social media platforms.
  1. Brand Mentions

Yes, inbound links are still considered an essential attribute for analyzing page ranking. However, with time, the way Google understands these links has changed. Earlier merely having links was enough to grab ranking. However, now Google has twisted the tables and started taking implied links i.e. brand mentions in to consideration. These are basically the texts regarding your brand over some other website without the use of a hyperlink.

  1. Responsive Design & User Behaviour

Surveys say that out of 5 people, 2 have access to smartphones. Considering the fact that most of the websites have incorporated responsive design long back in 2014, it was evident that in 2015 it would go beyond. For SEO experts, the task is to make sure that the website is not only accessible through mobiles and tablets but should also be optimized in accordance with the device.

Responsive Webdesign

Make sure that the content is kept lighter for smaller devices. Understanding the user behavior, you will have to eliminate the navigation barriers for the users. Google algorithms have now started considering bounce rate as one of the major user behavior attribute affecting the site.

  1. Social Media Integration

In case, your brand or website lacks a relevant online presence then you are in deep trouble. It is high time that you create a strategy that allows the targeted audience to find you and explore what you are sharing. For this purpose, you can resort to social media integration. By integrating the posts and content with major social media channels, you can find a new audience for your brand without actually relaying many efforts. Make use of all major channels and integrate quality content.

Social Media Integration

Whenever some major update comes from Google, there are speculations that SEO is dead.  But, truth is that it is just the strategy that fades, SEO remains at the same pace. As a marketer, you need to make sure that you stick to SEO no matter update comes. All that needs to be altered is the technique and strategy.

  1. Focus on the user experience

Search intent- Websites should put themselves in their users’ shoes and develop the strategies accordingly. Google wants you to satisfy the users’ plan because he will again go back to google to explore more if he’s not. Put, by helping the user’s intent, you can climb on top of the search engine rankings.

Site speed- The users should not face any issues regarding the loading speed as this will increase the bounce rate. In today’s 5G internet world, nobody wants to wait for more than 3 seconds for a website to load.

  1. Adapt to the changes

Google is continuously updating its algorithm to optimize it for users. Snippets’ feature is relatively new, but google is thinking of adding a second snippet to enhance engagement and satisfy the user’s intent. These updations require SEO professionals to stay on their toes for any changes.

There are many things that the SEO owners should stop performing as these practices have either gone outdated, or there has been some change in them. The constant upgrades in the SEO algorithm now require you to focus on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity. Keyword-rich content is not the way to go in today’s time. Only relevant keywords and synonyms must be placed at appropriate locations. Instead of using content for the sake of adding pages to your website, focus on what exactly will add value to the consumer’s life and prepare that. Also, your poor keyword strategy may lead you to the top rank but may not be able to get enough clicks or traffic. So, you need to choose your action plan accordingly and consider only the latest trends and updates.

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