Most of the readers must be excited to read on how you can get more customers for your products and services? Well, we are not going to offer you information about some software or tool that will lead to conversions. We will be sharing some essential tips that would help you in dealing with triggering sales naturally. The best part about these tips is that these will not only help in increasing the revenues but will also help in serving the potential customers more subtly. There is no need for you to look for ways by which you could manipulate the buyers as these tips would do it all for you.

Convert Your Leads

We will be here disclosing some psychological tips that would trigger the users to make conversions. A significant section of users can be triggered by utilizing the same mental triggers. All that matters is that you should be having an idea about what factors influence them and how you should be using that factor for marketing your product.

Let us start with the psychological triggers that have the potential to double your sales.


As humans, we all are in love with freshness. Neurologically, it is proven that that exposure to something new increases the curiosity level and makes us believe that there is something out of the box and rewarding waiting for us to be bought.

Well, the best example would be giant companies such as Apple, who manage to trigger the users by releasing a new iPhone and iPad after every few months. Just because of the psychology to keeping yourself updated with the latest gadget makes one believe toss away the old phones and pick up the latest model.

You can raise the prospects of your sales by releasing new products, new models or re-branding old products. But, it would be better when you follow this marketing gimmick to the right extent. Make sure you come up with a product release once every few months so that there is a perception of novelty when released. Some marketers fail to adhere to this and eventually release info about their products and services every week or so, hence ending the sensation that would have been created otherwise if the product was released only a week ago. A product that is available for purchase throughout the year would fail to create a feeling of novelty, which would eventually narrow down the sales.

Story Telling Works!!!

Humans are the best carriers of stories, and there is no doubt in this fact. It is mainly because stories are known to trigger emotions, which is something we humans rely the most upon. As per Gerard Zaltman , a leading marketer and author, nearly 95% of cognition happens outside our conscious brain and inside our subconscious mind. When telling stories, all the parts of the brain associated with sight, sound, taste, and movement get activated, which is why we start experiencing them even when we are merely listening to them.

The point is how you can trigger the brain of leads to covert through storytelling. A perfect example would be Red Bull’s marketing campaign .
stories connects people

The company is promoting an energy drink, but they have managed to leave behind a strong message as a story. The story leads to the conclusion that the brand is associated with discovering the unknown and pushing the limits beyond potential.

Another perfect example would be the sales campaign initiated by Rob Walker , an author and Joshua Glen. Both of them hired professional writers to create fictional descriptions of the products they were willing to sell. Most of the products were cheap items bought from Thrift stores. The best thing was that merely adding a story as description helped them in garnering 2700% profit.

Framing a Common Enemy

An excellent strategy is to create a common enemy so that your ally prospects start investing in your products and services. Every consumer has a common enemy in mind that they believe to be failing at delivering desirable results. Creating common enemies help you uniting with the customers. As a marketer, you can use this strategy for offering an explanation for how the enemy brand has failed and how your brand helps in curbing these ill-effects. Again, Apple comes out as an example of creating a common enemy for building their brand.

Since the beginning, when Apple had just started, they turned PC into the enemy. It is the prime tactic of how Apple made its fans loyal brand fanatics. Have a look at the old Apple commercial that washed away the minds of PC users.

Build The Right Level Of Expectation

You must have seen and experienced how users get curious and line up outside the stores even before it is technically released. That is because Apple has managed to leave a sense of expectation in the mind of customers even more about their new product release.

Expectation Graph

Who could forget mentioning here the legendary sporting event called Super Bowl? Weeks before, when the game has just been announced, Countless Americans already start their preparations. Gretchen Rubin, the bestselling author of The Happiness Project, mentions that, “anticipation is a key stage in happiness; by having something to look forward to, you bring happiness into your life well before the event actually takes place.”

Large brands use this tactic by offering a sneak peak to the products over their websites to build anticipation among-st the customers and eventually lay the foundation for increased sales.

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