As per the figures suggested by e-Marketer, there has been a massive growth in mobile momentum. More and more people are connecting via the internet, with mobiles topping the platform charts. The mode of communication, connection and exploration has now become as easy as carrying a mobile device with a speedy internet connection.

Since mobiles have become an essential item nowadays, websites have started targeting mobile users to provide them with a vast user and shopping experience. While browsing the website from mobile, the navigation and placement of elements should not let the person think of using a computer. The mobile experience should be tailored to suit the users’ needs. It should be quick and intelligent. Since mobile and tablet users are usually surfing sitting on a couch, detailed description of the product along with testimonials from previous clients can influence their purchasing decision. Incorporate the latest trends and technology into your web design to provide a smooth and mobile-friendly user experience .

It would not be wrong to say that there are only a very few households left in the world that don’t have mobile technology present in some form or the other. Web designers and developers are creating responsive website designs, keeping in mind this elevated pattern. 2021  will be a witness to the following mobile trends, and beyond:

1. Mobile as a search tool

AI technology has made it simple to give voice commands and retrieve results from mobile devices. Interactive softwares like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have ushered a new surge in searches that don’t take more than a few seconds to display results for any topic under the sun.

Mobile as a search tool

2. Mobile Messengers

Messaging applications like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, etc. have now extensively replaced SMS services. Everyone who owns a mobile, has one or the other messaging app installed in their device. This sharing of conversations is expected to yield creative results as far as user experience is concerned.


Mobile Messengers

3. Mobile Promotes Social Media

Social Media applications like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat see an explosion in their teen and young-adult clientele, making it one of the chief reasons for mobile usage. Social media sharing has become an integral thread in the fabric of the internet and mobiles make it more accessible than ever to connect with people in virtual societies and communities.

Mobile Promotes Social Media

The existing mobile consumers seek high speed experience and convenience when exploring apps. Yahoo, who is making efforts to integrate Yahoo Search with in the apps, has taken one such approach.

4. Mobile shopping and e-commerce

The importance of mobile devices in facilitating shopping and commercial activity cannot be overstated. With the current tensile situation of a pandemic, people are relying greatly on e-commerce portals to buy even the most basic necessities like grocery and medicines. In the coming hears, economic activity via mobiles is predicted to keep increasing in intensity and volume.

Mobile shopping and e-commerce

5 Mobile as an Advertising Platform

Because of the sheer usage of mobiles, they automatically qualify as excellent stations to promote and advertise your business or brand. Marketing has reached new heights with the avenues opened by mobiles and brands are gathering more returns on internet commerce than the physical one.

Mobile as an Advertising Platform Thus, the top five trends of mobile utility are fast becoming necessities from basic hobbies. The time is ripe to adapt to a transforming mobile environment and go with the mobile-search trends as they emerge.

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