Few months ago, Google came up with a stunning application called ‘Inbox’. The application has been crafted with the primary purpose of aiding Google email clients in dealing with a flooded inbox. Before you Trash all the emails, it is better that you give a try to this Google application.

Termed as the future of email, this facility comes loaded with features. However, we would like to clear that introduction of ‘Inbox’ is not a replacement to standard Gmail. In fact, it runs parallel to the platform with the purpose is to enhance the email viewing experience for existing users.

At present, ‘Inbox’ is available on ‘invite only’ basis. Available as web version & an application, it has transformed the way readers interact with their emails. You can make things easy through inbox management where the important stuff is positioned at the top no matter how old it is. Let us have a look at the features offered:

  • Bundles – Messages with similar nature are sorted and bundled. There are 7 inbuilt bundling types that offer user with the option to customize the bundle preferences.


  • Highlights – As the name suggests, messages that are of extreme importance could be checked without opening the email. For quick view, the mails are previewed in a horizontal scroll for quick viewing.


  • Reminders – The new inbox is not confined till emails, it can now work as a to-do list that lets you set reminders so that you fulfill all your commitments. You can additionally snooze them.


Now a little about the benefits of this tool!

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