Internet marketing is incomplete without Google Ads, and this is well evident from our previous post, Benefits Of Using Google Ads . Google Ads had come up with an update stating that they will be introducing three new features. These features will help multi-channel advertisers in managing and reporting insights in the best possible manner.

Advertisers who are running multiple campaigns, and have different advertising goals, often find it challenging to deal with the reporting part. It gets confusing and even more time-consuming. For instance, consider the situation where you are supposed to describe specific goals for your Search, Display, or Shopping Network campaigns. You will have to get yourself involved in procedures such as filtering as per the campaign type and then re-adjusting the fields to get desired results. However, you can eliminate such a situation with the three new reporting features by Google Ads.

Also, if you are wondering whether Google AdWords work for small businesses or not , the answer is yes, it does. Every business should be on Google’s search engine. This is because your presence on this engine explicitly allows the users to think of you as an authentic and genuine website. Pay per click helps you stay on top of the search results for the target keywords. For small businesses, it is advised that they use quality keywords that are relevant and have high search volume. Also, the ad tagline should be creative and innovative enough to capture the target audience. Your AdWords should also take you to the page that is relevant for the consumers.

The benefits that you can avail are as follows:

– Easily filter the account as per the campaign type
– Quick access to relevant columns
– Freedom to apply column sets as per advertising goals

  • Easily filter the account as per campaign type

The best part about this feature is that it lets you filter based on the type of campaign you are running. You can explore the data for the most relevant columns depending upon the campaign type. If you are one of those who are tired of continually switching columns when preparing the reports for some Search Network campaign or Display Network campaign, then this feature is surely going to aid you. All your last viewed columns, which were previously stored only by the tab, will now be saved by both tab and campaign type.

Let’s make it a little simple to understand. Consider yourself having a look at the Ad groups tab showing the columns: Clicks and the average cost per click for a Search campaign. Followed by this, you have navigated to the ad groups present in the Display campaign to make some adjustments with the columns to view the impressions and average CPM. There comes the twist as when you consider the Ad groups tab for Search campaigns, you will see the columns for Clicks and the average cost per click. However, when you toggle to Display Network campaigns, you will get to see the impressions and the average CPM. So basically, you will be able to save time as you get to view more relevant columns as per the campaign type.


  • Column sets as per advertising goals

Ads  surely do understand the need for enhancing the data viewing capabilities for businesses. With this feature, it gets easier and faster for them to view the stats for a particular advertising goal. With the introduction of pre-defined column sets, the advertisers are able to load the reporting columns as per the advertising goals.

For example , consider that you are running multiple Display campaigns, out of which some focus upon branding/marketing goals, while others focus upon performance goals. With the help of pre-defined column sets, you get the benefit of switching the reporting view between both the advertising goals. The best thing is that you can always navigate to the previously selected column while selecting the Custom field available in the “Columns” drop-down menu.

With these improvements that have been added to previously slotted Google AdWords (now Google Ads), the advertisers can expect better management of multiple campaigns within a single account.

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