Google is a robust tool for all those looking to drive organic traffic. It crawls the web to conclude which site is more potent than others for any particular topic. We trust Google results blindly and rely 100% on them. 

However, in such a cut-throat competition, getting your business on the first page of Google seems unimaginable. Google and most other search engines dig out websites for search results that are pretty automated and straightforward. This blog will walk you through the strategic actions that can help you get a website to the first page of search results. 

Importance of Google’s First Page

Google’s first page is of immense importance, and the results are getting more dynamic, including Knowledge Panels, related questions, and more. 

Being on the first page means:


High Click-Through Rate:

The first page of Google has the maximum traffic. There is a vast difference in click-through rates for the top vs bottom results. You can see the following for more information.

First: 36.4% Click Through Rate

Second: 12.5% Click Through Rate

Third: 9.5% Click Through Rate

Do you know that CTR declines to 2.2% for the 10th result? You will miss out on maximum clicks if your website does not rank on the first page.


High Traffic Share:

The first result on Google Search Engines Results Page attracts 33% of traffic. The top consequence is your website appears on the first page of Google; you can expect an excellent search presence and enhanced brand authority .


Get Instant Exposure:

Getting the first rank for your website on Google means you can get promoted in a featured snippet that can help you get instant exposure and augment your credibility.

Use Your Website to Get on Top of Google

Search Engine Optimization is the process of modifying your website according to the Search Engine Ranking Factors. You don’t need to perform search engine strategies on the entire site at once but can work on the individual pages for better results. 


1. Keywords 

The initial step is to rule out your keywords. First, figure out which search queries you want your Google to answer with your website pages. Some examples of keywords are :

Best Salons near me

How to install MS Word?

Each page on your website should target the relevant keywords according to the particular services. The appropriate keywords for your business are those that your customers type in to look for your products and services. You can use specific tools to find out the perfect keywords.

2. Include Keywords for Google

Google crawls the web, ranks millions of different pages according to some criteria, and stores them in an index.

When a user searches for a particular product or service, Google scans its index and rapidly comes up with search results. 

What you can do is make it easy for Google to scan, index, and recover your website. It would be best if you should start by including keywords for Google. Also, aim for link building. 

Meta Title

Every page on your website, article, and blog has a meta title. The title is on the top of the page, like in the header. Add the keywords in the meta title for better results.

Meta Description

If you don’t know what a meta description is, we will help you become familiar with the term. A meta description is a small blurb that appears under the title in Google search results.

The meta description tells Google what your page or blog is about and helps the searcher know what they can expect when they click on that page. The meta description can help you to keep your page on the first page of Google. 


Your URL comprises your domain name, and incorporating keywords in your URL can quickly help recognize what your page is about. Aim for a clean URL that is similar to the title of the page, reliable, and best-suited for first page appearances.

Alt Tags

Google can only recognize images if the image encompasses an Alt tag. If your alternative title includes keywords, Google can immediately detect the relevancy of that page and will make you appear on the first page.

3. Mobile-Friendly

Your website needs to be mobile responsive. In today’s era, people use smartphones more than laptops and computers. According to a survey, the majority of the searches are done on mobile devices.

Google indexes all websites by mobile-first indexing. Deliver a seamless experience to the user by making your site more responsive. Your site being responsive, will be able to adjust to any size screen and maintain functionality.


Getting your website on the first page of Google is everything, and another way is to emphasize location. It is essential to include your city, country, your geographic area via your contact page, service pages, and blog posts. Target keywords including city name and particular industry. Google will immediately take up the information and will list your business in “Near Me” results.

If a user is not searching for a particular location, it is also beneficial as Google will give the geographic results based on the IP address. Local SEO has become an indispensable part, especially during the pandemic.

5.Write Content for Humans

Writing good content is vital and including keywords in the body of the page is essential. But avoid stuffing the page with keywords as it will take you to the bottom of search engine results. 

The foremost tip to getting on the first page of Google is providing credible, reliable, easy-to-read and vital informative content that will make your page interactive for the target audience so that they come again and again. 


Your page should provide the information to users and not just keywords.

6.Because User Experience Matters

Your website, apart from being mobile-friendly, must be appealing and user-friendly. So, you must be thinking, how can you make it? There are some tips to follow. 

  • Navigation
  • Direct Call to Actions
  • Immediate answers to visitor’s questions

Remember, one thing-the higher you rank, the best traffic you get to your site.


You can use Google listings to rank on the first page of Google

7. Develop a Google My Business Account

Google My Business’s demand increases day by day and is becoming one of the most effective tools for local business owners. Create a Google My Business Account and add the relevant information to your official business profile. It will help the search to appear on the first page of Google Maps and Search.

8. Develop Your Google Business Profile

Optimizing your Google business profile can help to boost your visibility and take you far ahead in terms of ranking. 

How can you do this?

  • Make sure to complete each section of your profile

Please include the entire information in your Google business profile as it can help you get more searches and top rankings. It is estimated that if you have a strong profile, you can expect around seven times more clicks than incomplete profiles. 

  • Update Information and Photos

Include the necessary updates like when your business is closed or the appropriate phone number with the correct number to call. Google My Business aims to deliver the maximum information to the consumers. So uploading photos of your business, products, and services will help you step up the ladder.

  • Keep your name the same

Using the same name for your business is significant, as different names can cause discrepancies. 

9. Aim for Positive Customer Reviews

Google searchers are always looking for what people think about your business. Work hard to get the maximum positive reviews as businesses with top reviews always show up on the first page. 

Talk to customers and have an in-person meeting to boost reviews across all online platforms. 

10. Have your business on essential directories

Google My Business is a competent tool, but you can also create and optimize listings on directories like Yelp that have the maximum traffic and are trustworthy.

Google and its algorithms consider everything from online reviews to links from third-party sites. 

What impact does first-ranking have on your business?

Well, there are only benefits associated with top rankings in your business. 

Boost your visibility 

With around 167 billion searches per month, getting your business on the first page is like establishing a new venture on the main road. The more people see your website,; the more your brand awareness. It will help to attract new leads and generate good ROI.

Augment Engagement

Research by Adweek suggests that 81% of shoppers perform online analysis before buying. Google’s search engine results page allows consumers to analyze, compare, and engage with your business.

Accelerate your sales cycle

No doubt, consumers these days have vast options to choose from and can access any information instantly. Getting on the first page of Google helps you to get the top-of-funnel leads and promote your sales cycle. 

Build firm audience

High-quality and evergreen content is the key, and hence, you should create content that one can use across various marketing channels like social media, paid ads, and email.

Content-driven efforts to get on the first page of Google are remarkable and allow you to get more excellent opportunities to engage with your target audience.

Getting on the first page of Google is achievable for both small and big businesses. 皇冠体育官方手机下载 can help you get to the first page and achieve your goals. 

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