What’s the connection, difference, and what is more fruitful?

Everyone in the online world talks about how social media optimization can help market products and services effectively. However, not very many of them know how to reap the optimum benefits of social media . On the other hand, business owners vow to continue investing in search engine optimization (SEO) beyond 2022.

But, how well acquainted are SEO and SMO players in this ever-changing digital landscape? Today’s post intents to help you understand what search engine optimization and social media optimization are and whether any link exists between the two!

Let us get started with the basics.

What Is SEO? The Term SEO! 

In summary, “Search Engine Optimization” is a process that aims to enhance the quality of websites in order to drive them to the target audience on search engines. If you have a website and find it depreciating monthly, consider consulting an SEO service provider. The agency will assess your website for any possible website problems and fix them. Some of the common issues that reduce the visibility of websites online include;

  • Slow load time
  • Non- Optimized website pages
  • Poor navigation
  • Unattractive web design
  • URL issues etc.

Globally, there are over 4 billion active internet users and optimizing your website for mobile and desktop users is necessary. It’s also essential to understand that SEO is one of the best digital marketing techniques that can improve website visibility on SERPs and reinforce your brand in the market.

SMO:   What It Means!

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is a digital marketing technique that relies on social media to promote products, services, and brand awareness. Different types of social media are leveraged to increase publicity for businesses and brands worldwide, and these include; social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, with other practices that fall under bookmarking.

Whereas both SEO and SMO share similar goals, SEO highly focuses on increasing website traffic, and it’s quite complex compared to SMO. Many of SMO’s practices fall under search engine optimization, meaning that an online business can hire a professional SEO service provider and on the other side manage SMO with an in-house team.

SEO Vs SMO: What’s Ideal for My Business?

SEO Vs SMO Whats Ideal for My Business

Both are ideal for a business, but a website owner should invest more time and resources in SEO to generate traffic. In fact, SEO can help a business acquire SMO benefits when professionally conducted. If thinking about SEO for your business or brand, here are the latest SEO trends to keep at your fingertips; (Best SEO Practices)

  • Search Engine & Mobile Friendliness                                                                       

It’s quite rare to find someone who has ditched the internet in this modern world, and precisely, 61% of the world’s population currently use it. Different researchers also expect the figures to grow steadily as more and more activities can be accomplished online. Similarly, studies report that there are 5.27 billion unique mobile users around the world. With all that, one can leverage Search Engine Optimization to drive his website to the target audience, depending on the location or worldwide.

  • Google Updates

Although Bing and Yahoo exist, Google is the most popular search engine globally, and considering its ranking factors can help enhance SEO results. There are different ranking factors that Google rolls out, i.e. EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) through its updates, and these focus on improving the quality of websites.

  • User Intent

SEO reels on quality content; however, content alone can’t fetch you the sustainable results you need. Keyword research and prioritizing search intent are some of the best SEO practices to follow as more and more businesses join the worldwide web.

  • Website Responsiveness

Designing for a specific device is no longer a fine ticket in SEO. Ensure to craft the most responsive website to provide the best user experience for all users, i.e. desktop, laptop, or mobile. Also, ensure to optimize the content and the website images.

The Connection Between SEO and SMO

The Connection Between SEO and SMO

The underlying connection between Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization is that the primary aim of both these processes is the same; “marketing a company’s services or products, and enhancing the popularity of a brand.

Also, the ultimate goal of both SEO and SMO is to bring increased traffic and create greater awareness for a website or business online. In most cases, users share the website links on social media, which boosts the rank of a site on SERPs.In other words, SEO is all about re-assembling a site along with its content to meet user expectations so that a site or its content is shared across social media and networking platforms.

The link between SEO and Social Media optimization is indeed turning out to be quite a significant factor in deciding the overall optimization strategy for a website. Most especially now that Google prioritizes user experience.

In a nutshell, SMO has become an essential part of the search engine reputation management (SERM) strategy for businesses or individuals who care about their online presence.

The Difference Between SEO & SMO:  SMO highly relies on networking and a brand’s image and these take a reasonable amount of time to develop. Also, it generally focuses on social media platforms and drives internet users to the business website.

Why Hire a Professional SEO Company?


Why Hire a Professional SEO Company

SEO is an ever-evolving field with so many considerations that a service provider takes into count before executing your SEO campaign. Some of these include;

  • The nature of your business
  • Target audience
  • The existing website. (i.e. do you need a redesign, does it have URL issues, or has outdated content)
  • Your goals
  • The required SEO strategy and related services like content marketing

When hiring an SEO company, ensure to assess its previous projects, client reviews, and packages. Also, an in-house SEO team might prove best for your project, especially if it’s an eCommerce website.


It’s normal to get overwhelmed by the complexity of SEO and its future. However, the reality remains that it is an effective digital marketing technique. Ensure to hire a professional and experienced SEO company for optimal results.

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