Modern technologies have smoothened the way we run businesses, although it’s full of ups and downs. In a real sense, it can be compared to living in a jungle. Sometimes you are the prey, while other times, you prey on others. Either way, operating an online business can be much productive and easier with the latest technologies.

At this juncture, we have compiled the best apps suggested by Shopify to help you have a smooth Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) overloaded with supersized sales. These are presented in categories i.e.

Best Apps to meet online customers where they are

Best Apps to meet online customers

Buyer habits have drastically changed in the present year. More and more customers are expressing their interest in online shopping. In the wake of the pandemic, 60% reported shopping online during the pandemic, with 6% doing so for the first time.

In case just starting an online store, here are the best apps to help you meet customers anywhere;

Instant Search+ and Filters- It is a smart search app that helps customers find the exact product they are looking for. It comprises of customizable filtering, search autocomplete and a product recommender feature.

Heyday Sales & Support Chart- You can’t be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, as you are managing other tasks, the Al chatbot can minimize the workload with automated support responses for questions from customers.

Add Announcement Bar- It will put your Black Friday Cyber Monday deals in the spotlight, for example, center and front at the top of your homepage. Similarly, you can utilize the space to share important information regarding shipping and delivery and COVID-19.

Bulk Discount Code Generator- Lets you create multiple unique one-time-use discount codes for programs or pop-up email acquisition campaigns.

With Google and Facebook, you can present your products in front of huge audiences, and you can explore more apps.

Best Apps for an Effective BFCM Marketing Campaign

BFCM Marketing Campaign

Well, the BFCM season has got a lot of competition, and the front target is your customers’ attention. Soon, inboxes and Instagram feeds will be loaded with deals, and the question remains, how can you stand out from your competitors? To cut through the clutter and launch memorable BFCM campaigns, here are the apps to help you out;

Shoppable Instagram & UGC by Foursixty- It puts your organic Instagram posts to work, generating a clickable and shoppable clone of your feed. It is even possible to pull your customers’ posts into one place and power them with shopping links.

Octane Al Quiz, Messenger, SMS- A one-stop marketing solution that lets you collect data, create quizzes, and launch personalized Facebook and SMS campaigns and conversational ads.

Promo Video Maker- Will help you to create promotional video content easily, and no film school required. You only need to enter text, and a few details and this app will drag content from your site into videos optimized for Instagram, web or stories.

Tone SMS Cart Recovery- Texts customers with prompts to re-engage with your brand.

Shopify Email- This lets you launch and track email campaigns from Shopify itself, with easy templates that collect logos, or images directly from your store.

Find out other apps to make your BFCM campaign more effective.

Best Apps to create a Memorable BFCM Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Here are the apps to offer your customers a personalized experience this BFCM season

Shopify Ping- It lets you get involved in real conversations with customers, send discount codes, product recommendations, and bring the buying experience right inside the chat.

Glow: Loyalty Points & Rewards- Will help you to form a seamless rewards program to motivate engagement with your brand.

LimeSpot Personalizer- This will enable you to create personalized shopping experiences to upsell, cross-sell, and recommend relevant products to customers.

Best Apps for Proper BFCM Inventory Management

Inventory management is not a piece of cake, most especially for large enterprises. Now that it’s the BFCM season, you have to be more organized and here are store- apps to help you.

Inventory Planner- The inventory planner app will prioritize your vendor orders and inform you when to make them. It’s necessary to give it access to your sales trends and data.

StockBot Low Stock Alert- This is the home shopping network rotisserie of Shopify apps. It will help you determine each product’s low stock levels, and it will notify you when you reach them.

Best Apps for successful in-person sales management

sales management

Stockist Store Locator- This is a fully customizable map app that integrates with a store’s design. You can plot your shop locations in order for the customers to find your IRL.

Reserve In-store- It lets customers select items in your online store earlier and ensure availability when they arrive to pick or pay for orders.

Curbside Pickup Guru- This has eliminated the need to see order confirmations detailed, with colour-coded pickup numbers that are noticeable.

Best Apps for trouble-free Shipping, Delivery and Returns

free Shipping, Delivery and Returns

Here are the best apps to help you clear customer orders;

Easyship- This will provide access to over 200 shipping options with reduced rates. You can get a transparent quote for all-in shipping costs alongside duties, taxes, and courier fees.

Parcelify- This automates shipping options with the set rules based on product info like collections, tags, types, and SKUs. You can hide or display specific rates to shoppers based on those filters.

Lastly, Returnly- You can set your return policy, and Returnly will help your customers create and monitor their returns and printing shipping labels.

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