Recent search trends data by Google showing the change in behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic is assisting people and marketers alike. Every industry experienced a shift that is changing daily.

Here are the Big Daddy’s findings on consumer search behaviour.

Points to Remember

  • Putting together critical information
  • Making new connections
  • Change in daily routines
  • Appreciating people providing COVID care
  • Taking care of self and others

Displaying Critical Information

People’s critical need for new content is assisting them in making further life changes. Retailers are delivering goods; the workforce is working from home, and many other more.

Google found the search interest on topics like:

  • Home delivery
  • Can you freeze different types of food
  • Retail
  • Short term work employee
  • Mortgage rate suspension

Now the job for brands and marketers is to make content that informs people in helping way. Google says to

  • Get accustomed to a new reality for a short period.
  • Give current information correctly about the business saying that you are there to help.
  • Update information on website, blogs, social media and GMB .
  • Show flexibility with working hours.
  • Make refunds for cancellations.
  • Offer faithful customer service.

Making New Connections

As social distancing is in full force, people are discovering new bonds on the internet.

The search words are:

  • “With me” on YouTube that includes “Study with me,” “Bulk cook with me,” “disinfect with me.”
  • Virtual happy hour
  • Multiplayer video games

Google says to find ways to connect with customers, locally and globally. See that your business can create collective experiences, virtually or otherwise.

Change in Daily Routines

Habits of people are changing concerning the demands of isolation. The search topics are

  •  “do it yourself”
  • “stationary bicycles”
  • “dumbbell sets”

Also, the interest in watching late-night shows increased when the hosts began staying in their home.

Appreciating People Providing COVID Care

Health care workers, delivery people and those going out of home every day are receiving praise for their duty. They are the ones risking their own lives to save the lives of others.

The search word is “ thank essential workers.

Google says to help and support these people. Appreciate them to the full if they are your employees, customers or local community. See that you can offer them your technology or any other equipment.

Taking Care of Self and Others

People are looking after their physical and psychological needs as well as others.

The search word here is ease boredom, anxiety, and uncertainty. People are looking for activities to play virtually and in reality.

The topics are puzzles and relaxation with also the virtual tour of galleries and museums.

Google recommends to

  • Virtually collaborate with outdoor spaces as people want to visit cultural institutions.
  • Have a conversation on health and well-being.
  • Provide mechanical platforms so people can stay at home.

Ending Note

Google says that businesses must work fruitfully now so they can do business better in the long run and gain loyalty from consumers.

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