Marketers systematically slim down millions of words on the same market each year around which a lot of content goes unconsumed, or go unnoticed without making any meaningful improvement personally or widely.

Over the last 5 years , we have seen what has influenced the industry and are now more prepared to do well on the scorecard for the coming years.

The one factor that makes the difference is how you build a recorded marketing plan for content that will lay the groundwork for a strong empire to rise up and represent your company’s imperial growth in the intense competition.

With a comprehensive strategy in mind, it’s easy to see the potential signs and where the market will lead, and as marketers we tend to fix the issues during the marketing campaign and modify the different main elements at the end of the day to produce better performance.

After all great quality content helps influence leads and conversions. Second it with stats shown below:

  • Content marketing has about 6 times higher conversion rates than other digital marketing tools. (ABG Essentials)
  • 61 percent of online customers in the U.S. then agreed to make a purchase after reading reviews on a blog. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Content marketing has improved its marketing leads, both in quantity and price, according to 74 percent of the businesses surveyed. (Curata)
  • According to 72 percent of the companies surveyed, video content can help provide a positive ROI and vastly increase clicks. (CrazyEgg)
  • Inbound marketers are able to double the average conversion rate of the web ( from 6 to 12 per cent ), partially because of their marketing activities in content. (HubSpot).

So, if you are doing content marketing with a solid strategy, consider this as a mini-guide and take out pen and paper from your drawer and start taking notes.

Nature of Content Marketing:

The Stiff Competition

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say how much content market write-ups generated in the last few years have inspired companies to use in their practices. Everyone seems to have an understanding of how content marketing works and rolled up their sleeves to produce innovative and enjoyable content, as it will earn them rankings and push massive traffic to the site according to industry standards.

Stiff Competition

In addition, it might declare them as the ultimate king on the internet because content will break the web.

Well, much of the marketers’ delusions were told in a satirical way and how they present marketer’s mentality has led to the dead end even when doing normal things, like creating content etc.

The strategy has at least lifted the bar of what we call good content. Now every writer thinks he creating an evergreen and informational content that will be on the par with the best write-ups ever produced.

The delusions, however, soon gets broken when hardly anyone visits to read the article, which was prepared after thorough research, using industry contacts to gain insights about the certain topics and many hours of work.

Back in the days when a little effort was made to make a blog look good than over glorified news articles and it worked for years before Google became stringent and began upgrading its algorithm to deliver the best content published in the niche.

Your writing has to provide credibility and inspire readers that would cause a number of social media shares and interaction.

Imagine developing content on Magento 2.0 . If you write how Good is Magento 2.0, it will surely make a good impact, at least in search engine ranking , because Google loves original and well-written article, If, however, you present the article with pictures and guide the readers step by step and differentiate with Magento 1.0, you surely have something unique to offer and will remain on the mind of readers for a long time. Moreover, even developers who are going to switch to Magento 2.0 will consider your write-up and may circulate in their circles and share on social media accounts.

This is the benefit of writing unique write-up. The competition is stiff more than your brain can comprehend. A lot of marketers are churning content just to offer something to readers which result in reader dissatisfaction. Hence, it’s better if your write something valuable.

Consider the number of films produced on a yearly basis. Yet, Oscar picks few that have a good storyline and something unique to offer. It can be a VFX or a unique storytelling experience. Your content should have those parameters in it.

Stakeholders Want Results

The days are gone when decision makers were happy to see how much content was made. Now, things like this do not work.

You can’t create the data that once get seen and your work is done. Those days are over and the challenge before content marketers to deal with is immense.

Today, consumers and customers want more transparency and performance in real time with regard to the money and energy they spend in marketing content for their goods. Also if you do your product marketing, you need to be extra smart to drive enough results.


New Opportunities

As the virtual realm expanded and social media platforms like facebook birthed its roots around the entire planet, many companies came into being, expanding the possibilities to increase their influence from marketing efforts to content.

A few years ago, we didn’t have SnapChat and Instagram. Fast forward to 2020 , they have become a huge platform for building a brand and to engage people.

Moreover, you could collaborate with fewer local influencers and increase your influence locally.

Many local influencers have emerged with Instagram and Snapchat and brands are taking them seriously as they are noticed by the local audience and even dream of getting their place one day.

Content Marketing is all about discovering new ways and communicating with the real audience. On top of that, podcasts were not in great demand. The influence of podcasts was leveraged only by a few businesses.

Things changed rapidly as smartphone sales increased and reached a total of billions, meaning that by the end of this year billions of people will own smartphones.

It has given a huge area for marketers to target and to solidify the brand by building a loyal audience that actually hears the podcast and shares their reviews. Building a podcast audience is very tough, but if you do it, it will serve you for long.

Advantages of content strategies of marketing:

  • Excellent content creation is a cost-effective way to pull in new leads.
  • Content helps your brand to highlight your knowledge on the subject.
  • Trying to develop consumer relationships? Post valuable content.
  • Content marketing allows you to differentiate oneself from rivals.
  • Content is essential to the sales pipeline during each phase.
  • Content helps complement almost all digital marketing approaches.
  • Content optimization dramatically improves your SEO efforts.
  • Increase brand awareness by content marketing, building trust.


Content marketing should be about deciding the correct field and bringing the correct technique into practice for best use. Nonetheless, in the marketing campaign you need to concentrate on what’s really vital to a company as well as how to integrate those elements for the optimal outcome.

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