There is a direct relationship between sales and the price tag. So, for more sales, you will have to manipulate the price tag. To have that irresistible pricing page, other than optimizing the pricing page, you will have to alter some elements in your existing e-commerce site.

Here are all the changes we suggest you should make at the earliest.

1. Offer choices

The most common mistake committed by most of the stores is that they either do not offer many choices or go overboard by offering too many. The primary reason why you need to provide choices is that customers feel pressure to buy when they are provided with options. They will not want to make a transaction if they think that they have a single choice. Instead, they would always like to get pushed towards the option that meets their requirement the best. Also, at the same time, you will have to make sure that there are not abundant offers as it would make it impossible for the shopper to choose anything at all.

Pricing Page Tips-1

Ad ideal number of choices would be three. Qualaroo shows an excellent pricing plan offering three options.

2. Simplicity Rules

Several researches have made it clear that shoppers prefer simple pricing options. They mostly deny complying with too complicated process. In such cases, they deny making a choice and exit the shopping process.

Pricing Page Tips-2

GrooveHQ uses a simple, two-way approach for the customers. One is free , and the other is $15 . The best part is that the model is easy to understand for anyone.

3. Round numbers are Impressive

When you use round numbers for specifying the prices, you are making it easier for the customers to memorize the price. That is why we suggest you keep the costs in adherence to numbers like $10, $50, $300 as they easy to remember. As per research in human psychology,  it has been seen that people prefer round numbers as they seem uncomplicated.

Pricing Page Tips-3

Have a look at how cleverly Vzaar uses round numbers on their pricing page.

4. Keep the dollar sign smaller

Not many of you must have thought about the fact that the sign of dollar or whatever another currency sign you are using should be of a specific scale. Believe it or not, but when the size of this connotation is large, buyers psychologically think that they are spending more money. Cornell’s research has shown that on removing the dollar sign from a menu, buyers started spending substantially more.

Pricing Page Tips-4

GetBuzzMonitor uses this technique very well on their pricing page. The dollar sign is visibly smaller than the price demonstrated.

5. Notify about the purchase progress

At the initial stages of making a purchase, it is quite evident that the customer is still far away from making the final purchase. It will be convenient enough if the customer has access to the journey until the pricing page. It is always safer to assume that they are at the end of the purchase funnel. Show them the purchase progress so that they know what would be the next step while making the purchase. At the pricing page, you can subject the development by specifying the progress.

8Pricing Page Tips-5

6. Formulate a clear call to action at the top.

For any marketing plan, it is the call to action that plays an essential role in identifying what action you want the customer to take. When it comes to the CTA for the pricing page, it gets even more important to create something that makes them convert at the earliest.

Pricing Page Tips-5

GetResponse uses a compelling CTA on their pricing page.

7. Use tactics to reduce friction points

Friction points in any website are referred to as FUDs (fears, uncertainties, doubts). The customer, by the virtue of online shopping, cannot touch, see or rely on his/her senses to check the quality of the products. It is important to satisfy their curiosity about the quality of the products and make sure their trust is earned. For this purpose, you can employ the following tactics:

  • Include FAQs
  • Propose free trials or money-back guarantee
  • Include product videos
  • Highlight the reviews and feedback

For more tactics as in how to increase the sales, have a look at our post ‘   Decoded: Psychology Of E Commerce Sales

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