Many entrepreneurs embed plenty of efforts into taking their business to the pinnacle of search ranking. But is that worth it? If you don’t know the definite place to invest your money, it will constantly rotate your business in the circle of struggle.

Before discussing the practices required to follow for Google Adwords, we want to share some facts about search engines. Google mostly prefers ‘Big Brands’ in the top ranking of its organic search results. It will be tough to beat such brands, such as Dominos, Cadbury and so on. Google doesn’t analyze the quality of your product; it doesn’t matter how good it is!

However, Google ads help you beat big brands or jump over the top position by constantly building solid content and links. We know it is time-consuming, but if you keep patient, ‘Google ads’is one of the most appropriate ways to advertise your business online.


Google Adwords is the online marketplace where companies invest money to rank their websites at top search results. It entirely bases on keywords. Further, it is the best and quick way to illustrate your business at a high peak in the online market .

In addition, pay per click (PPC) ads is an effective form of generating traffic on search result pages. When your site shows on the top rank, the traffic turns their converts into the leads and then to customers.

Let’s talk more about PPC and how it affects your site’s rank and business.

  • Paid search is the quickest method to list your website on the search engine. It gives you a choice to display your ad on selected keywords and helps you to target potential customers.
  • People set up AdWords to appear for specific keywords and then pay every time someone clicks on their ad and goes to their page. This is why it’s called PPC (Pay per Click).
  • If you choose and arrange the right keywords and set your budget, you can optimize your page at the top of search results.

What is the role of Google ads?

  • In Google ads you don’t have to pay for the eyeballs. Instead, you’ll pay for the results you get. Somehow, if there is no click and fails to generate leads, you have to pay nothing. Isn’t it beneficial for you?
  • The Google ads will provide you with the proper (Return on Investment) ROI you invest on the ads. It includes a long process – impression, click-through rate, conversion rate and many more to achieve good results.

One benefit of Google ads is that whenever any user visits a search engine, the latter intends to search for something. They will use specific words related to the product and services to tell you about what they are looking for. It will depict that how profitable Google ads are! Even it is the most potent form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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Essential Key points for Small Businesses to start Google Adwords:

  • Need to do some keywords research first –  You can use Google’s  Keyword Research Tool  and some other tools to research the appropriate keywords list. These keywords should be relevant to your content or the service you’re going to advertise.
  • Do your ads look tempting enough?  Try to think innovatively for your ad tagline and make something that looks convincing to your customers. If you use some unique strategies, it will attract users towards you.
  • Your landing page should be relevant to your ads –  On Google Adwords, you can choose what page your AdWords land your customer to, so make sure it’s relevant to the ad itself. The keywords of the ads or landing page should be interconnected.
  • Make sure your Quality score for keywords is high  – In Google ads, everything revolves around the quality score, and it can also help you decrease the “CPC” (Cost per Click) for keywords or generate high leads.
  • Record your results –  Maintaining a record is necessary to analyze your growth and the preferences of users After all, how will you know which adverts work if you don’t know how many people go on to buy after clicking on your advert?

Google Ads KPIs (key performance indicators)

Adwords give you the benefit of using and revealing money-making keywords that can convert the clicks to leads. You will discover the best keywords by spending few bucks and use them in your content. It can also be used in SEO strategies. Furthermore, Google ads KPIs are good to get good results. Here are some of them as follows:

  • Impressions : It stands for the first glimpse of your ad that how many people watch it. The ad is not successfully entertaining people if they don’t see it at very first sight. So, make sure the ads have a unique concept. Likewise, ensure to check the updates of an impression on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for better feedback.
  • Click-Through rate : After the first impression, people have an opportunity to click on the ads. The percentage of users who click on the ad to reach your site. It is known as the ‘click-through rate.’ That means every time a user clicks on the ad, it will count a click. The more people engage with you depicts, the better functionality of your ads.
  • Conversion rate : When users reach your landing page after a click, it’s the turn of the page to make them paying customers with its creative marketing strategies. If you successfully convert your leads into customers, then it is known as Conversion rate. Google also guides you over ROI that comes through conversion rate.
  • Cost per Conversion:  PPC helps you to get better ROI. The more you spend on your Google ads; it will return you a lot more. Cost per Conversion means the average amount you spend and the amount you earn from PPC. Not every click generates leads, but a payoff from a single customer provides you with enough profit. If you’re not getting relevant results somehow, you need to work out your strategy.
  • Average Position:  It shows the average location of your ads when it gets triggered. If it is on the top, it will give good results. But it doesn’t mean that your strategy is not good; it can still produce good results even in the lower position.
  • Quality score:  Quality score shows your company’s impression of how much relevant content you deliver. If your landing page or content is relevant to the users’ search, it will boost your quality score. Google will reward you with discounts if your quality score is high.
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Summing Up

Google Adwords is the integral part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that will attract traffic through advertising. It will definitely provide you quality leads and generate sales. You can also contact the  皇冠体育官方手机下载  Marketing Team to help you with the AdWords setup and maintenance packages. We have a team of Adwords Specialists that are Google Certified and have years of experience indigital marketing.

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