When it comes to understanding the buyer’s perspective, the same level of intuitiveness is expected as the searchability and customization for the B2B e-commerce site as B2C websites. Here are all those tips that you will need to follow when it comes to boosting the B2B shopping experience.

  • Instinctive navigation and search: Make sure that the customers can securely navigate your website and manage to find whatever products they are looking for. You need to enable functions such as search bar that offers filtering, sorting as per varied parameters and autosuggestion. These functions would eventually improve the business experience within a few clicks.

easy navigation

  • Personalization of Account: Customers expect you to understand their current business needs and offer things as per their individual needs. While enabling account personalization, you can customize their experiences and send out targeted messages that could make the ordering process more comfortable.
  • Dynamic pricing: With dynamic pricing, you can make sure that the actual prices reflect as per the pre-configured rules and negotiated contract pricing. While altering the pricing, you can amplify the profitability and improve customer relationships.

Demand Curve

  • Recommendations for products: When talking about experience, B2B customers wish to offer dynamic retail shopping experiences, which is why you should include product recommendations a part of the customers’ tracked shopping behaviours.
  • Quick order or bulk entry: The best way to improve the user experience is to create a user-friendly system that helps in managing bulk ordering and saves customer’s time while shopping.

Quick order entry

  • Intuitive Re-ordering: You should add re-ordering features on the website to make the site look convenient. The features could be like adding a buy button for all previous transactions, hence making the buying process convenient. Through subsequent visits, it will become easy for the customer to make the reorder process easier.
  • Content Information: Let the customers have quick access to the product information right after looking at the product description. Make sure that you offer details about pricing, specifications and availability so that the customer remains well informed while making the purchase decisions.

Product description

  • Account management: Make it easy for the organizations to manage all their existing B2B accounts, users and budgetary details. It should be easier for the account managers to create user roles and set specific access rights for analyzing the account information, look for products and place orders etc.
  • Workflow Approval: Create and deliver an online system that you know makes it easy to modernize and speed up an organization’s approval process. The best way to do so is by automating the essential aspects of workflows and by showing the precise approval process online.
  • Customer Care: Customers seldom feel like they are an integral part of the business after the purchase is made. Keep your customers included in your growth as a business by sending them newsletters, fun games and personalizing their wishlist by suggesting products based on their past shopping experiences.

When you automate the basic aspects of the purchase process, it gets easier for the account managers to focus upon being relationship managers for their clients. This would help greatly in improving the customer experience and vitalize the marketing efforts while delivering tailored services.

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