Being clueless for an aspirant in writing may sound stupid, but the truth is every day a writer either out of hobby or profession has to deal with new terms, trends and techniques, infact a whole new world for self-teaching and then making the world see that from our eyes, that takes courage and a bucket full of self- confidence.

What is it?

Are you feeling a similar indecisiveness for choosing the best platform to create your own blog ?

Let’s discover together!

Content is the power of the internet, and compromising on it can literally bring you down on your knees. Don’t take unnecessary risks; go for only the best option that you can choose from:

WordPress OR Blogger

These are the giants that are leading open software source for blogging throughout the globe.

But with which one to go ahead with whom to leave behind?

These platforms serving similar services are, however, came into existence for entirely different purposes, which we will discuss in a later stage of this article.

Let’s get the hang of the services first.


Blogger is an open-source, free blogging service that is now under the wings of Google, being acquired in 2003.

Blogger has ease of use as the major factor attracting initiators.

Blogger Dashboard

The platform is a quick entry allowing automation in everything :

-Modern coding that is as per current coding standards

-SEO Optimized templates that are fully integrated with HTML Meta tags

Mobile responsiveness that focuses on the best experience for user irrespective of their screen size.

-Cross-browser compatibility is tested and optimized in major browsers.

With Blogger, one has a structured direction to pursue smart automation blending with the customization options like blog layout choices, custom sliders, custom widgets, custom touches, and the opportunity to upload your own logo .

But the most emphasized feature of Blogger is that it does not require any pre-hosting or domain enrollment . If you are an aspiring writer, at the very beginning of your literary career, or an educator who wishes to put out lessons or essays for students to munch on, or even an amateur who wishes to discuss his/ her passion with like-minded people, Blogger is the most convenient platform you can find. You don’t need to worry too much about the behind-the-scenes technicalities of blogging and can freely dispense your opinions or information online, that too, for free.


WordPress is a comprehensive software site allowing its customers to create a Website, Blog or an online store.  WordPress is perfect for enterprise business website .

WordPress Dashboard

It has the most enticing features and customer compatibility that have made it a powerhouse for around 30% of websites on the internet.

It allows greater flexibility and control over your freedom to choose experiments and implement with layouts, designs and customizations.

WordPress is a greater CMS option due to its broader scope and the professionalism it consists.

It is standard compliance that maintains forward compatibility with the next generation of browsers. It is ideal for businesses that wish to create a wider presence online and pick-up on their readership. Individuals who deal with freelancing as a profession and need online portfolios also choose WordPress.

Though with WordPress, the cost of purchasing Domain is involved, its positive counter-argument is that it allows more significant space, flexibility and professionalism to work with, rather limited options that may not be as competitive as we think.

Let The Battle Begin



Both being the leaders that share a large chunk of the top 1 million sites using blogs; we cannot decline anyone’s vitality but rather can clear basic demarcations aiding to opt the most suited option under a varied array of situations and multiple requirements. Choosing one over the other simply means that you are looking for a specific means for an end. WordPress demands long-term commitment and professional interest, whereas Blogger is more informal in nature. Although, you can use one for another, as per your preference.

When is Blogger the most well-suited option?

  • When you have no web development experience and don’t want any technical worries.
  • You want to start blogging without an initial long-term professional or financial commitment.
  • You want to get your blogs up and running quickly without any fuss involved.
  • You want a simple blogging experience.

When is the WordPress better option than Blogger?

  • When you have some level of web development skills, or you are relatively savvy and comfortable following guided instructions.
  • You have the time money and efforts to invest in either starting up a WordPress site or employing someone to do it on your behalf.
  • You have a long term plan and could possibly expand your blog with an online store or many features.
  • You want to expand your readership, resulting in an expansion of your business.


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