Most people claim that SEO is gradually dying out, and a holistic marketing strategy that is a combination of SEO and strategies for social media optimization is taking its place.

Okay, it would be crazy to say that SEO is dead or dying; rather, SEO will remain the breathing air for the online market. What’s new is that social media easily becomes an integral part of your overall SEO strategy that you need to improve your online strategy

Before starting the debate on SMO vs. SEO, lets clear out the basics:

Origin of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

In the beginning, different Social Media Optimization techniques were put into practice to divert users from social networking websites and other social media sites such as bookmarking sites to your own website. 

However, with time the concept of search media optimization has taken a more critical position with the idea of social networking becoming so popular and vast.

The role played by Social Media Optimization in SEO?

Carefully designed Search Media Optimization campaigns are known to offer extremely favorable results as they help improve your SEO performance, driving potential traffic not just from social media sites but also search engines. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

But let’s settle one thing first :

Despite popular opinion, however, social media doesn’t lead directly to SEO. In other words, social signals don’t help rank better straight away. The links you share on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest help your brand gain more attention but are not seen as a ranking signal by Google.

Let us now briefly discuss what the best practices to do so are:

There are so many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and so on, which you can use for your benefits. Social media marketing works in a manner that when someone follows likes or shares your content or page on these sites, you not only earn a link back but also increased followers.

Here comes into the scene the need to optimize your social media content , which you share on different sites. 

If you post optimized content on social media, it will convince users greatly to share your posts further as they will find it informative and worth sharing. 

A blog post with an optimized and descriptive title tag, relevant image and detailed description attracts more users towards it and hence increased shares; thus, should religion be followed. 

Social networking sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most used sites since they provide the user with the freedom of managing all this data now via means of social media optimization tags. So, in order to reap greater benefits by, start your SMO by first optimizing these tags .

Social Media Marketing Tools

Start and be a part of respectful engagement. After the entire first step to addressing, they expect to build a relationship with your target audience. Using social media, creating and nurturing relationships is made easy by engaging with your audience in relevant conversations. Yet you needn’t wait before it happens. As a company, you will be able to ask questions, post valuable information and answer queries.

We collect the main pointers regarding how Social media support and overlap SEO through everything mentioned above:

  1. By getting artistic, inspiring and insightful content written. 
  2. The content is shared and connected to various platforms that create a complete campaign. 
  3. Social networking profile attracts followers, while traffic on the web is growing. 
  4. Society has been growing around the brands. Thus Build a Strong Audience or Following.
  5. Consistent interactions through social media and authoritative SEO improve brand credibility. 
  6. The website ranks search engines higher. 
  7. Social Media Helps Build Authority
  8. Users find sites organically through search engines. 
  9. Social Media Involves Real People
  10. Learn What Your Audience Wants
  11. Tap Into Local Search

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